XpresSpa (XSPA) Stock Is One To Buy Ahead Of The Big Travel Push

XpresSpa XSPA Stock News

XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ: XSPA) is a stock that I’ve followed incredibly closely over recent months, and I’m glad I have. When I first started following the stock, it was trading in the $0.50 range, today, it trades well over $2.

Nonetheless, the gains are far from over. In fact, with the announcement from Moderna today, now is the time to buy XSPA ahead of a big push in travel. Here’s what’s going on:

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XSPA Will Benefit As Travel Recovers

As mentioned above, I believe that XpresSpa represents a huge opportunity at the moment. It all stems from the Moderna results issued today. The company showed that its vaccine was safe, well tolerated, and generated neutralizing antibodies in 45 subjects.

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed quite a bit. One of the industries that was hurt the most is the travel industry. However, with the positive study results from Moderna, hopes that a vaccine is around the corner are rising, leading to incredible benefits for travel stocks.

The idea is that when a vaccine does become available, a big push in travel will take place, and it makes sense. However, while investors focus on airlines, cruiselines, and theme parks, I think a big opportunity is being missed with XSPA.

As the travel industry starts to build back to what it was before the pandemic, those traveling need to feel safe. That’s where the company comes in. Early in the pandemic, it announced that it would be temporarily trandforming its airport spa real estate into COVID-19 testing centers.

While many said it would never happen, the company announced that it would launch a pilot test at JFK International, one of the largest airports in the world. Today, that pilot test is taking place with success.

As the test proves to be successful, XSPA is likely to be able to open testing services to travelers, as the pilot only offers services to airport workers. Moreover, with the success of the idea, the company is likely to be able to enter other large airports across the United States.

Of course, as travel starts to build back up, these services are likely to be in incredibly high demand. Again, consumers have to feel safe to be willing to travel and this in-airport testing is a great way to make that happen.

The Bottom Line

For several months, I’ve been screaming “BUY XSPA.” That hasn’t and likely will not change any time soon. The fact of the matter is that as consumers feel more safe and the travel industry works to recover, the company has a compelling offering that could become the cornerstone in the coming growth in the travel industry. As such, XSPA stock offers a very real opportunity for investors to see dramatic gains.

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