XpresSpa (XSPA) Stock Could See Serious Gains Ahead

XpresSpa XSPA Stock News

XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ: XSPA) is heading up in the market this morning, trading on gains of more than 5% in the premarket. However, if you’re looking for press releases or SEC filings, don’t waste your time. There’s nothing out there! Nonetheless, there’s good reason for the gains. Here’s what’s going on:

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XSPA Stock Gains As Investor Excitement About Testing Centers Grows

XpresSpa is flying this morning, but it seems like it’s flying for no reason at all. With no press release or SEC filing from the company, many are wondering what the deal is. But, there’s good reason for the gains.

Digging through message boards, it seems as though investors are latching onto the company’s news page on its website. The page, available here, outlines the company’s non-core business assets. So, what’s so special about this page? This sentance:

Our portfolio consists of patents and patent applications related to content delivery, remote monitoring, ad-insertion, bitcoin and telecom infrastructure.

In the sentance, XSPA essentially announced that it is working in the cryptocurrency sector. This is important because as riots continue to break out in the United States and the COVID-19 pandemic shakes the global economy, cryptocurrency is seeing a bit of a rebound.

Nonetheless, cryptocurrency isn’t the only thing to be excited about when it comes to this stock.

The excitement surrounding XpresSpa as of late has to do with its XpresCheck subsidiary. The company is working to temporarilly transform its spas in airport real estate into COVID-19 testing centers.

Most recently, XSPA entered an agreement with JFK international airport. Under the agreement, the company will launch a pilot testing center. Of course, the implications of this idea are massive. To learn more about XSPA in the COVID-19 testing space, click here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. XpresSpa isn’t just a spa that’s located in airports. The company has a very diverse business model, breaking into content, cryptocurrency, and other areas while helping the world work to push back the COVID-19 pandemic.

All in all, XSPA stock is one to watch given this diversification in multiple high-value sectors.

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4 thoughts on “XpresSpa (XSPA) Stock Could See Serious Gains Ahead”

  1. Your article is very reassuring! I have been following them since before the JFK Contract and must say this is a obvious winner. Once this takes off imagine reaching out to bus, train, or even subway applications!! This virus is not going away and while XSPA does not have a cure they can effectively stop the spread with this method. Going All In On This One!!!

  2. I read your article and got excited. Decided to buy 30k @ .92 this morning. Like omg… it is 1.23 after hours. Thanks!

  3. The run up today centered around the market they have in their reach if they can prove and improve their working model in the JFK pilot. There are 485 commercial airports with 1.2 million workers. While each airport is different, having a model that works in the most heavily impacted airport will give them a significant opportunity to replicate their model across the market.

    The DHS funnels travelers from at risk countries into 15 key airports. If Satzman can negotiate a deal with a majority of them, they may be able to launch a passenger testing program for the nation.

    The journey is long requiring alot of dialogue but they have everything they need to succeed. It will be a joy to see them expand from one airport to the next

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