Waitr Holdings (WTRH) Stock: Why Are Investors So Excited?

Waitr Holdings WTRH Stock News

Waitr Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: WTRH) has been running for the top for multiple sessions, and I’m not talking about small gains. Today’s gains of around 40% make the third consecutive session that the stock has ran in a dramatic way.

The movement started after the company made an announcement with regard to how it is working in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The company has started to take part in various safety measures, but why is this exciting to investors? Where’s why:

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Why Investors Continue To Send WTRH Stock For The Top

There are a few things that have investors so excited about Waitr Holdings. First and foremost is the obvious. The company is a food delivery service. In times when people are scared to leave their homes due to the threat of contracting COVID-19, delivery services should see increased demand. This alone is leading to some of the excitement, but for WTRH, the story goes quite a bit further.

When ordering food deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are likely to care most about how safely that food can get to them without fear of catching the virus from a driver or someone else in the chain.

In the announcement, the company addressed these issues. First and foremost, WTRH is offering No-Contact delivery. This means that when making their deliveries, drivers will keep a safe distance from customers to ensure that there is no chance the virus can be passed along from direct contact with the driver.

The company also said that drivers will wear gloves to reduce chances of the virus making its way onto surfaces that they may need to touch.

In order to make sure that employees don’t feel compelled to work when sick, WTRH said that it will be providing all hourly employees with continued payment if they contract the virus or enter into quarantine.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Waitr Holdings is a relatively small food delivery service. However, as it continues to make customers and employees feel safe, the company is creating a massive growth opportunity.

As such, investors should pay close attention to WTRH stock ahead as brand awareness and revenue may see a dramatic rise ahead!

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1 thought on “Waitr Holdings (WTRH) Stock: Why Are Investors So Excited?”

  1. Small company? You do know they are also Bitesquad right? You do know that they are in every market between the 2 right? You do know that they are the exclusive delivery of all Tilman’s Landry’s Inc restaurants right? This is no small company. This is a company that was trading at $13/share at one point.

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