Vislink Technologies (VISL) Stock Climbs On Esports Entrance

Vislink VISL Stock News

Vislink Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: VISL) is running for the top in the market this morning after announcing an entrance into the esports arena. The entrance will take place with the company’s equipment being used in the OGN Super Arena. As a result of the announcement, VISL is trading up more than 50% in mid-day.

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VISL Stock Soars On Esports Entrance

In a press release that was published early this morning, Vislink announced that it is making an appearance in the exploding esports market. The company will deploy its wireless camera equipment at the 35,000 square foot OGN Super Arena.

VISL said that it will work closely with Detune Company, the system integrator for the arena. The deployment included Sony HDC-2400 hard cameras and RF SONY HD XDCAM cameras. The RF Sony HD XDCAM cameras are PXW-X500 wireless cameras that incorporate transmitters and receivers with Fujinon Lenses, developed by VISL.

The OGN Super Arena is the largest esports studio arena on the United States West Coast. The arena was opened in late 2018 in Manhattan Beach, California. Moreover, it is the first esports arena in North America that was specifically designed to host “boattle royale” esports games, a popular niche in sports.

Some of the most popular games include Fortnite, Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The arena is capable of hosting up to 100 players and 500 audience members.

This News Is Significant

There are multiple reasons why the news released today is significant for VISL. First and foremost, OGN is no small player in esports. In fact, the South Korean esports network and content producer was behind the creation of the world’s first esports league.

Moreover, OGN is a division of one of Asia’s largest entertainment companies, CJ E&M. Since the inception of the first esports league in 2000, the company has produced over 500 global esports leagues and events in over 150 countries.

As you can imagine, when a large company like this commits to the purchase and use of products and services, significant revenue is the result. Moreover, leaders in any industry are called leaders for a reason. That’s because the lead the charge while everyone else tends to follow.

With a sector leader choosing equipment that utilizes VISL technologies, the company’s exposure is likely to grow. Also, the move validates the technology as a top player in the market, likely increasing demand and willingness to purchase among large players in the industry.

So, not only is OGN likely to use these products when producing new arena’s, other companies in the space will look toward these options when considering their own esports needs. All in all, this news is a big value driver.

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