Veritas Farms (VFRMD) Stock: Looking To Continually Expand Footprint

Veritas Farms VFRM Stock News

Reason #2: Strong Revenue Growth Is Likely To Continue

In the past, attendance at trade shows like these have paid off in a big way. These shows have opened the door to the opportunities that have led to the footprint of more than 5,000 retail locations.

Importantly, the incredible growth in the company’s retail footprint has led to strong growth in revenue. In fact, it’s the company’s growth of its distribution network that has allowed quarterly revenue to grow by more than 500%.

Should revenue continue to grow at this break-neck pace, the company will find its way to profitability relatively soon. As long as it continues to aggressively work to expand the distribution channel, there’s nothing there to stop this from happening.

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2 thoughts on “Veritas Farms (VFRMD) Stock: Looking To Continually Expand Footprint”

  1. That RS made no sense, i’m still trying to understand why would a CEO would perform a RS with only 155 m OS. This was a stupid move

    1. The purpose of the RS had nothing to do with shares outstanding. It was to line the company up so that it could uplist to a major exchange. Actually, a very smart move that was taken out of context by the investing community.

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