Veritas Farms (VFRM) Stock: Now Is The Time To Get In

Veritas Farms VFRM Stock News

With coronavirus stocks in play recently, it’s been a while since we talked about CBD plays. Nonetheless, if you’ve followed my work in the past, you know that one of my favorite stocks in CBD is Veritas Farms Inc (OTCMKTS: VFRM). Let’s take a dive into what’s going on these days:

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What Is VFRM

Veritas Farms is a full-spectrum CBD company. Essentially, many times, when people talk about CBD, they are only talking about a single cannabinoid in the hemp plant. However, the products produced by this particular company include all cannabinoids, offering all of the healthy benefits that the hemp plant has to offer.

Importantly, VFRM is a seed to sale play. The company isn’t purchasing concentrated CBD and manufacturing products. Instead, the company grows its own hemp, exctracts its own CBD and manufactures its own products. This is a key advantage.

At the end of the day, when purchasing concentrated CBD, there are a lot of issues that can arise. Market prices can fluctuate, quality can fluctuate, and availability can fall off the map at times. However, VFRM doesn’t have to contend with any of these issues.

A Wide Range Of CBD Products

Importantly, Veritas Farms has developed a product line that is second to none. Not only dies the company provide gummies and other edible forms of CBD, it provides lip balms, tinctures, salves and more.

Moreover, the company has even decided to dabble into pet care. The company just recently launched a line of CBD supplements for dogs, helping fido to relax and bringing down joint pain and inflammation.

All in all, the diverse product lineup at VFRM makes the company a very hard one to ignore. What’s even more impressive is the company’s distribution strategy.

VFRM Distribution Is Incredible

When CBD became legal in the United States, we saw companies distributing these products to gas stations and head shops. However, many got cold feet when it comes to distribution to large national chains. Nonetheless, that’s not the case at VFRM.

Today, the company’s products are featured in more than 5,000 stores across the United States, and a good portion of these are stores like CVS, Kroger, and more. Not to mention, VFRM continues to expand its retail footprint, bringing its products to the masses.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to CBD, if you’re not looking at VFRM, you’re making a mistake. While there are plenty of players in the space, few are full spectrum, fewer are seed to sale, and even fewer have a national retail footprint like Veritas Farms. All in all, this is the CBD stock to watch as the market continues to grow.

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