Valeritas Holdings (VLRX) Stock Climbs On V-Go News

Valeritas Holdings VLRX Stock News

Valeritas Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: VLRX) announced that its V-Go wearable insulin delivery device proved a positive economic impact when compared to the standard of care this morning. As a reuslt, the stock is climbing on gains of more than 30%. Here’s what’s going on:

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VLRX Stock Runs On V-Go Economic Impact

The flagship product at Valeritas Holdings is its V-Go wearable insulin delivery device, a device which is taking center stage today. In a press release issued this morning, the company announced positive data from a retrospective study that compared V-Go to multiple daily injection therapy.

According to the release, the study demonstrated that patients using V-Go required lower doses of insulin. Moreover, aside from lower doses, the product resulted in lower diabetes-related medication costs.

Of course, all of this took place while V-Go effectively lowered average blood sugar levels. This was measured by A1c.

In the release, VLRX said that at baseline, patients in the study had similar insulin prescription fills and diabetes medication costs. However, over the term of use, the average V-Go user saw a need for 0.8 less prescription refills while multiple daily injection patients saw an increase in fills of 1.8.

Moreover, change in cost on V-Go went up $341 while standard of care change of cost went up $1,628. Finally, VGo also resulted in a decrease in total daily dose. In fact, V-Go users experienced an average of 29.2 unit reduction in dose while multiple daily injection patients saw an increase of 5.8 units required.

In a statement, John Timberlake, President and CEO at VLRX, had the following to offer:

We view this study as a confirmation of both the clinical and economic benefits V-Go provides patients. V-Go has always offered the improvements in insulin adherence associated with removing multiple daily injections for patients with type 2 diabetes requiring daily insulin, and this study provides additional long-term data demonstrating the economic advantages of our cost-effective alternative.

Why This News Is So Significant

At the end of the day, the news released by Valeritas Holdings today was significant. After all, the diabetes market is a massive one, and those requiring insulin generally use multiple daily injections as the #1 method of treatment.

However, with today’s news, it is now statistically proven that V-Go is more effective. Not only does it help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, less units of insulin are needed to achieve the desired result, ultimately reducing the cost of care.

Ultimately, this data will be used as a sales tool, helping the company to access more of the market that is expected to grow to be worth more than $70 billion per year in the next few years. For a company with a market cap of just over $20 million, this represents a compelling opportunity!

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