Using PDUFA Dates To Generate Profits In The Stock Market


Step #1: Find Upcomming PDUFA Dates

Before you can use PDUFA dates to your advantage in the stock market, you’ll need to know how to find them. The good news is that PDUFA dates are public information and that there are several tools on the web that make finding them a breeze.

While there are several tools available, I tend to stick with the FDA Tracker FDA Calendar.

In this step, all you need to do is use one of, or both of the tools mentioned above to find PDUFA dates that are ahead. I’ve found that you want the dates to be at least two weeks away, but no more than 1 month away to provide enough time for due dilligence yet maintain lead freshness so to speak.

Simply make a short list of the PDUFA dates that interest you. The list should include the company’s name and ticker symbol, the name of the drug, and the PDUFA date for each entry. Once you have your list, move on to Step #2.

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