Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Stock: Undervalued, Over-Shorted!

Taronis Technologies TRNX Stock News

5 Days Ago – Five days ago, TRNX provided an update with regard to its efforts in Turkey. The business efforts in Turkey are the largest deal the company has ever made. If all goes well, 30, 300 KW Venturi Plasma Arc gassification units will be purchased under an agreement with a value of around $165 million.

The press release was essentially a letter from Mr. Ay, owner of TA Group, the company’s counterpart in the efforts in Turkey. Ultimately, Mr. Ay provided strong views as to how he believes in the technology at TRNX, the benefit that this work will have on the Turkish economy, and more.

All in all, the letter seemed to be with a purpose of ensuring shareholders that the right moves are being made and that the transaction is headed in the right direction.

6 Days Ago Finally, six days ago, the company announced that it would be attending the first annual MicroCap Rodeo conference. Of course, as with all investor conferences, this gives the company the ability to showcase its work for investors and analysts, while opening the door to potential partnerships and more.

A Short Squeeze Is On The Horizon

In my view, there’s likely a big move coming very soon, and when it does, traders are going to see some serious profits. To me, it looks ike the stock is setting up to squeeze the shorts out of the equation.

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3 thoughts on “Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Stock: Undervalued, Over-Shorted!”

  1. Trnx..is going down for sure…Because this company want stock price going down to zero..then company will buy back .Company don’t care stock price don’t matter
    how much. News always look good for company not for shares holder. Because anybody just keep shorting.. company want stock going down then they can issue more shares and then they keep issue more and more shares..then doing revise again and again..company making more money buying back when really liw price then company business.

  2. Joshua there are no short squeeze result that I know. The only squeeze out all the stock holder. WE ALL LOSE MONEY.. Because I had been follow thus company more then three years already. Reply

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