Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Stock: Undervalued, Over-Shorted!

Taronis Technologies TRNX Stock News

Taronis Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: TRNX) is a stock that I’ve talked about quite a bit. While I’ve taken some flack from people who believe that my bullish opinion is skewed, I continue to stand my ground on this one as I see the potential for tremendous value ahead.

Nonetheless, as of late, the stock has been strangled by short sellers. At the moment, it’s short volume ratio sits at around 29%. While some may view this as dangerous, with a stock this heavily undervalued and over shorted, a short squeeze could soon be the result.

Today, there are a few things that I’d like to talk about. First and foremost, we’ll chat about recent news that’s been released by TRNX. We’ll also talk about why there is such a high level of short interest and what the future may hold. Here’s how I see it:

TRNX Stock Has Been The Subject Of Quite A Bit Of News

Over the past week, Taronis Technologies issued five press releases. Importantly, every one of these press releases provided positive news. Here are a few highlights:

Today – TRNX announced a project win. In a press release, the company said that its Water Pilot subsidiary won a 5 install contract with a franchise of Popeye’s. Importantly, this is just the first step in what could be a very large project.

The client said that if the savings resulting from the first five installations are as expected, they expect to move forward with installs at all of their 115 locations. The company said that the contract could be worth more than $300,000.

3 Days Ago Late last week, TRNX said that it amended its shelf filing with the SEC. The amendedment took place to give the company the ability to issue debt securities.

In the press release, the company pointed to the frustration of funding a business through dilution. The company also discussed the pending $165 million Turkey contract and the fact that they believe that they can now source superior debt capital that will enable the company to accelerate growth.

4 Days Ago The company also recently announced its sales results for the month of September. In the release, Taronis Technologies said that it generated $1.73 million through its US retail industrial gas and welding supply network.

TRNX said that sales were up 113% year over year.  The company said that the fastest growing market in the month was the combined Texas/Louisiana market. This particular market generated $0.78 million in sales in September, a 500% increase year over year.

In a statement, Scott Mahoney, Taronis Technologies’ CEO, had the following to offer:

September was another positive month for our US retail team. Our sales force is delivering strong and consistent revenue results, serving our customers, and increasing our share of the markets we serve. Our increased efforts in marketing MagneGas are consistently paying off across multiple markets. As we continue to onboard these new clients, we are confident that the fourth quarter will sustain our positive momentum.

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3 thoughts on “Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Stock: Undervalued, Over-Shorted!”

  1. Trnx..is going down for sure…Because this company want stock price going down to zero..then company will buy back .Company don’t care stock price don’t matter
    how much. News always look good for company not for shares holder. Because anybody just keep shorting.. company want stock going down then they can issue more shares and then they keep issue more and more shares..then doing revise again and again..company making more money buying back when really liw price then company business.

  2. Joshua there are no short squeeze result that I know. The only squeeze out all the stock holder. WE ALL LOSE MONEY.. Because I had been follow thus company more then three years already. Reply

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