Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Stock Heads Up Ahead Of Catalyst

Taronis Technologies TRNX Stock News

Taronis Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: TRNX) is having a strong start to the trading session this morning, following up on the gains that we saw from the stock yesterday. The gains come ahead of what investors hope will be a catalystic phone call, which will take place in about an hour. Here’s what’s happening:

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TRNX Heads Up Ahead Of Earnings Call

In a press release issued on September 16, 2019, Taronis technologies announced that it would be holding a shareholder town hall meeting today at 10am EST. Clearly, investors are hoping for the best, and believe it or not, there’s a good reason for that.

The press release announcing the call was titled “Taronis Fuels Earnings Call.” It’s important to remember that while Taronis Fuels is part of Taronis Technologies, this is not likely to be an earnings call for TRNX as a whole, but instead, it will likely provide information surrounding its fuel-related subsidiary.

Nonetheless, I’m expecting that the call will be a great one, likely sending the stock up throughout the day. Here’s why:

For some time now, we’ve been seeing an onslought of news from Taronis Technologies. While some of this news has focused on the company’s water-focused technologies, most of this news has focused on the company’s industrial fuels arm, Taronis Fuels.

In fact, in recent months, we’ve seen announcements of record MagneGas production, continued production expansion, and record revenues. Considering all of the records that have been broken as of late, it only makes sense that the positive momentum in news will be seen today.

If you would like to join the call, you can do so by dialing (877) 407-0989. The ID for the call is 13694658 and it will be held today at 10:00pm EST. Those who are not able to call in may attend the company’s webcast by clicking this link.

What To Listen For

If you plan on joining the call, there are a few things that you’ll want to be listening for. These include:

  • Continued gains in production;
  • revenue growth;
  • and Taronis Fuels spin off news.

These have been the hot topics surrounding TRNX as of late. MagneGas production is expected to continue increasing as the company works to bring new Venturi Plasma Arc gassification units online. Of course, higher production should be met with stronger sales numbers, boosting revenue.

Perhaps most importantly for some investors, there should be an update with regard to the spin off of Taronis Fuels. When this happens, shareholders will receive shares of Taronis Fuels based upon the amount of TRNX shares they own.

Nonetheless, we’ll be watching the news closely and look forward to what we expect to be strong growth in production and sales as well as an update with regard to the spin off.

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