Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Stock: Free Shares End Soon!

Taronis Technologies TRNX Stock News

Taronis Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: TRNX) is seeing some stiff declines early this morning, reversing from yesterday’s dramatic gains. Nonetheless, those who take profits today and through the rest of the month are likely making a mistake.

That’s because each share sold is a share lost, and a share of a very strong asset at that is likely to see some strong support before close today. That’s because shareholders on record as of tomorrow will receive free shares of a spun off subsidiary of TRNX. Here’s what’s happening:

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Jump On TRNX Stock Today For Free Shares Of Taronis Fuels

Taronis fuels recently issued a press release announcing that the Taronis Fuels dividend record date is August 15, 2019. The Taronis Fuels dividend is a simple one. Taronis Technologies will be spinning of its Taronis Fuels subsidiary. Once spun off, the company will be giving its shareholders one share of the newly spun off Taronis Fuels for each share of TRNX stock owned.

To get the shares, investors must be on record as owners of Taronis Technologies today and must hold onto those shares through the close of the spin off, whcih is expected to take place on September 1, 2019.

That means that the investors that sell out today will be giving up a share of Taronis Fuels for each share of TRNX stock owned. So, today, and the rest of the month is not the time to take profits. Moreover, as investors start to realize that they must get in today to be part of the spin off dividend, the stock is likely to find support.

You’ll Want The Taronis Fuels Shares

For those of you that haven’t been following the story and don’t quite know what’s up for grabs here, chances are that you’ll want to get your hands on the free Taronis Fuels shares. Recent news surrounding the subsidiary has been overwhelmingly positive, suggesting that there’s plenty of room for growth ahead.

In fact, it was growth in Taronis Fuels that led the comapny to break records in terms of revenue in recent months. That happened because Taronis Fuels produced record amounts of MagneGas.

MagneGas is produced through the company’s proprietary Venturi Plasma Arc Gasification system, and the record production took place through the use of one Venturi unit. Nonetheless, TRNX recently said that Taronis Fuels added another unit online in July and planned on another in September. So, record production is likely to continue ahead.

Moreover, Taronis Fuels also earns money from the sale of Venturi Plasma Arc Gasification units, and sales of these units are looking good ahead. In fact, the company recently announced an MOU that will bring Venturi Plasma Arc Gasification units to El-Salvador as well as other targeted South American countries. The company also recently announced the sale of multiple units to a provider in Turkey.

The bottom line is that with increasing demand for both MagneGas and the Venturi Plasma Arc Gasification system that produces it, Taronis Fuels is an asset worth getting your hands on. Considering the fact that by jumping into TRNX stock today and holding it through the first of next month, free shares will likely end up in your hands, TRNX should see some support to stave off the profit taking that’s happening at the moment.

What Is Taronis Technologies Without Taronis Fuels?

A question that I’ve been asked a few times is whether or not TRNX stock is one worth owning after the spin off of Taronis Technologies. In my view, the answer is yes as the company is on the verge of a breakthrough.

While Taronis Fuels has been integral in revenue generation at TRNX, the company will still generate revenue from its spun off subsidiary’s success. In fact, it will earn 7% royalties on all sales of MagneGas and the Venturi Plasma Arc system that produces it.

Outside of that, Taronis Technologies is likely to transition into a water treatment and water infrastructure technology company, and do so with incredible success. Recently, the company has made two water-related announcements.

First and foremost, technology developed by TRNX proved effective in significantly reducing the amount of cyanobacteria in a lake in Clearwater, Florida during a blue green algae bloom. With this being an issue across the southern United States and few options to combat it available, this success will likely lead to strong sales for Taronis Technologies ahead.

The company also recently announced that its subsidiary, Water Pilot, entered into an agreement with a large Holiday Inn franchisee. The agreement surrounded the installation and maintenance of water infrastructure-related techniologies and will generate millions in revenue ahead.

So, while Taronis Fuels looks to be strong, so too does TRNX ahead.

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