Synthesis Energy Systems (SES) Stock Gains On Acquisition News

Synthesis Energy Systems SES Stock News

Reason #2: Access To Abundant Feedstock

The process by which SES creates clean fuels requires feedstock. Essentially the company’s patented gasification technology extracts valuable elements from carbon-based waste materials and other feedstock to produce something of value.

While the deal with Batchfire is still not solidified, if a deal like this takes place, it will be very big for Synthesis Energy Systems. That’s because Batchfire is the owner of the Callide Coal Mine.

This mine is a very large mine that produces a massive amount of coal. Since coal is very high in carbon, it is a great feedstock to produce clean energy.

Should SES be able to close the transaction, it will hold one of the largest stockpiles of feedstock on the planet. This could greatly reduce the company’s cost of goods while increasing its opportunity to solidify itself as a leader in the space.

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