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Summit Wireless Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: WISA) is a stock that I’ve been following closely for some time now. Recently, it seems like every week or so, the company has been making a new, meaningful announcement. This proved the case Monday when the company announced the shipment of new WiSA Certified products from Enclave Audio. Here’s what’s going on:

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Summit Wireless Technologies Announces The Shipment Of New WiSA Certified Products

In a press release issued Monday, Summit Wireless Technologies announced the shipment of Enclave Audio CineHome II and CineHome PRO audio systems. Both systems are Wisa Certified and deliver high-definition, wireless, immerssive 5.1 surround sound for home audio.

Importantly, these WiSA Certified products are leveraging cutting-edge wireless audio technology and connectivity as a complete 5.1 home theater audio system. Moreover, set up with this system is simple. In fact, due to the plug and play capabilities offered by WISA’s technologies, setting up the system is as easy as plugging in a sound bar.

While all of this in and of itself is exciting, what I find to be most interesting is the disruptive potential of these products. To understand, just take a look at the pricing.

The CineHome II surround sound speaker set starts at just $999.99 with the CineHome PRO system starting at $1,499.99. This is about the price range of a mid-tier sound bar. So, I have a simple question for you:

Why would anyone choose to buy a mid-tier sound bar for home entertainment when, for the same price, they can purchase a complete 5.1 immersive surround system that’s just as easy to set up? The answer is simple, they wouldn’t!

Enclave seems to have balanced pricing just right here. Through this balance, these speaker systems are likely to grab the interest of the masses, creating a big opportunity not only for Enclave Audio, but for WISA and its investors.

In a statement, Tony Ostrom, President of the WiSA Association, had the following to offer:

The innovative CineHome products from Enclave deliver full room, immersive sound at breakthrough price points. Not only do they rival soundbar prices, they are just as simple to set up.

The above statement was followed up by Rob Jones, CTO for Enclave Audio. Here’s what he had to say:

With the explosion of multi-channel content in the consumer living room, WiSA technology allows Enclave to deliver home theater solutions that offer consumers a choice of accessibly priced, true 5.1 experiences no soundbar can match. Leveraging WiSA technology, the Enclave CineHub wirelessly auto-discovers and auto-pairs with Enclave speakers and is compatible with any modern TV through a single cable connection – making complete 5.1 system setup achievable within minutes. For discerning ears that demand the best, the THX Certified, WiSA Certified configuration of the CineHome PRO system redefines wireless home theater as we know it.

The Opportunity Surrounding WISA Is Only Growing

At the end of the day, this is just one bit of news in a flurry of positive releases from Summit Wireless. In fact, one of the biggest bits of news that the company recently announced is that Best Buy has set up point of sale displays, showcasing an LG WiSA Ready television and a WiSA Certified surround system.

Now, not only will consumers see WISA products in Best Buy, they have multiple options to choose from thanks to the recent product launch announcements that the company has made.

All in all, over the past month or so, Summit Wireless has gone from a good company with a great product to a great company with new brands consistently producing WiSA Ready and WiSA Certified products that are being sold in big-box stores.

What I’m getting at is that we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift for WISA and the home audio industry as a whole, with the company’s cutting edge technology leading the charge. All in all, this is a stock that shouldn’t be ignored!

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