Summit Wireless Technologies (WISA) Stock Is One To Watch!

Summit Wireless Technologies WISA Stock News

Reason #2: LG WISA Ready Televisions Are Important

While this morning’s release was all about the new line of speakers, it gave the company an opportunity to remind investors that the LG line of WISA Ready televisions are rolling onto the market.

LG is one of the largest brands in electronics and home entertainment. It’s one of those brands that consumers look for when purchasing high-quality technologies, including televisions.

As such, millions of new LG-brand televisions will be hitting the market soon. In the corner of these new televisions, consumers will see the WISA Ready logo. This is key as it will likely act as a strong organic marketing campaign.

Think about it, if you purchase a new high-end television and see a WISA Ready logo on it, wouldn’t you want to hop online and search to see what WISA Ready means? This could be the game changer that Summit Wireless Technologies investors have been waiting for.

Reason #3: WISA Is Becoming A Leading Player In Home Audio

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this. In the technology and home entertainment space, those on the leading edge of innovation are those that tend to generate compelling growth.

WISA saw a problem in the surround sound space. Either consumers had to deal with the convoluted process of setting up a home audio system, or deal with latency in the low-quality wireless options that were available.

To solve the problem, the company created new technology that makes set up simple and improves upon quality. With so many big brands in sound and home entertainment continuing to get involved, the company’s work to become a driving force in home audio is being validated with every new product launch.

All in all, WISA is becoming a cornerstome player in home entertainment and this trend is likely to continue!

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