Summit Wireless Technologies (WISA) Announces Another Launch!

Summit Wireless Technologies WISA Stock News

Summit Wireless Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: WISA) is firing on all cylinders as of late. After recently announcing the launch of point of sale demos in Best Buy locations across the United States, the company has been issuing release after release, bringing more positive news to investors.

Today, the company issued yet another press release, announcing the launch of a new product line in the WiSA Certified family of speaker systems. Here’s what’s happening:

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WISA Stock Is One To Watch On Commercialization Activities

As mentioned above, Summit Wireless has been firing on all cylinders in terms of commercialization as of late. Today, the company issued a press release announcing the launch of a new home audio system.

In the release, the company announced the launch of the Tuned by THX Monaco 5.1 Immersive Wireless Home Audio System from Platin. The company said that the product is the result of a broader technology partnership between THX Ltd., WiSA and Summit Wireless Technologies. The partnership surrounds the development of modules and certifications for WISA customers and partners with an emphasis on high-resolution home entertainment.

The Monaco 5.1 Immersive Wireless Home Audio System was developed to deliver theater-quality sound through the WiSA audio Standard as well as its Tuned by THX calibrations that maximize audio performance.

The system includes the WiSA Transmitter, a wireless USB transmitter that connects with any WiSA Ready 2019 LG OLED or NanoCell TV. However, customers can upgrade the system to allow for more audio sources and better control with Axiim’s LINK USB Wireless Audio Transmitter.

The Axiim LINK USB Wireless Audio Transmitter gives users enhanced sound EQ and volume management across all WiSA Ready sources. Moreover, the LINK connects with all models of the Xbox One system, Windows 10 PCs and Macs, making it so that these sources will work seamlessly with any WiSA Certified speaker.

The newly-launched speaker system key features include Tuned by THX for superior audio quality, Wireless streams, immersive 5.1 High-Resolution Audio, higher quality than MP3 and CD, less than 5.2 millisecond latency and one microsecond synchronization between speakers. Moreover, the system takes only minutes to set up, like all WiSA Certified sound systems.

In a statement, Tony Ostrom, President at WISA, had the following to offer:

THX optimization of the Monaco 5.1 System helps provide an outstanding, immersive, multi-channel audio experience while the system maintains a very competitive price point. THX has been a leader in enabling best-in-class audio experiences for more than 35 years, and with the Monaco 5.1, Platin and THX are fueling the future of theater-quality audio for the home.

Why This News Is So Exciting

The truth of the matter is that the news that we’ve seen out of WISA over the past month or so is exactly what investors have been waiting to see. The reality is that anyone who has followed Summit Wireless knows that the company has a great product, one that has the potential to change the game in home audio. 

However, commercialization was slow to go, so to speak. Investors were waiting for the company to start announcing retail placements, product launches and more. Unfortunately, for a while it seemed as though these announcements would never come. 

During this time, the stock got hit pretty hard. Nonetheless, that’s good news. After all, these declines have brought the valuation of the company down, providing investors interested in WISA today a bit of a discount. 

Now, with the company breaking into big-box retail, and announcing product launches from some of the world’s most trusted brands in audio, it’s time to start paying very close attention to the stock. 

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