Silo Pharma (SILO) Stock and the Psychedelic Opportunity

Silo Pharma SILO Stock News

Technological innovation has led to many changes in the way we live. Importantly, this innovation has not just changed the way we communicate, research, and consume content, it has changed the way we treat various healthcare conditions.

Today, AIDS is not a death sentence, various forms of cancer that were thought to be untreatable are able to be treated, and diabetics have more options than ever before when it comes to managing their condition.

However, there are still several underserved diseases and neurological disorders. That is where Silo Pharma Inc. (OTCQB: SILO) comes in. The company is currently in the process of researching treatments for conditions like fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease, using psychedelic chemicals like psilocybin, a chemical derived from “magic” mushrooms.

Should SILO be successful in its efforts, it will tap into several multi-billion dollar markets where currently available treatments lack efficacy.

Who Is Silo Pharma?

Silo Pharma is a developmental stage biotechnology company that is taking our understanding of psilocybin and other psychedelics to the next level. In fact, several recent promising studies, by several world renown Universities’ including John Hopkins, NYU, Yale and Oxford have shown that psilocybin and other psychedelics such as LSD could possibly be the key to unlocking the treatments of many underserved medical conditions.

Three of the most important conditions on the list at SILO include:

  1. Fibromyalgia. As a rare condition, fibromyalgia is met with few treatment options. This severely painful condition is often treated with painkillers, but patients realize varying levels of benefit. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the fibromyalgia patient population experiences little-to-no relief through currently available treatment options, leaving a large, unmet need among the community for SILO to fill.
  2. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD is experienced by approximately 2.7% of American adults. Unfortunately, while there are treatment options, currently available options lack efficacy in large percentages of the patient population.
  3. Parkinson’s Disease. Finally, Parkinson’s disease is believed to affect about 1% of the population over 60 years of age. The condition is one that often rapidly progresses, and like other conditions on this list, is met with few therapeutic options that largely lack efficacy. SILO is currently working to develop a more effective option for this large patient population.

These Opportunities Are Massive we are in just the 1st Inning

By looking at the target indication on Silo Pharma’s hitlist, it’s clear to see that should all go well, the company would be sitting on a goose that lays golden eggs. Just take a look at the vast markets the company is working to tap into:

  • Fibromyalgia. The fibromyalgia therapeutics market is expected to grow to be worth $3.6 billion by the year 2026.
  • GAD. The GAD therapeutics market is expected to grow to be worth $7.5 billion by the year 2023.
  • Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson’s disease market is expected to grow to be worth $8.4 billion by the year 2026.

Considering that SILO stock trades with a market cap of around $30 million, the company wouldn’t need to take the lion’s share of any of these markets. Simply tapping into a small percentage of any single market listed above would generate a compelling revenue opportunity for the company.

SILO Isn’t A One-Trick Pony

While we have talked about the company’s use of the compounds in magic mushrooms to treat various conditions with unmet need in the medical community, the company is actually diving into several psychedelics as potential treatment options.

Along with the compounds found in “magic” mushrooms, the company is also researching opportunities surrounding LSD in combination with traditional therapeutics in order to improve efficacy and better serve several underserved patient populations.

Financial Stability in A Place it is Not Often Seen

Silo Pharma has something that few development-stage biotechnology companies have: financial stability. The fact of the matter is that until a therapy is approved and the company reaches commercialization, there is no way to generate meaningful revenue other that strategic partnerships with Big Pharma.

As a result, companies in this stage of the game are often caught in a revolving cycle of spending and raising money through dilutive offerings of common stock. That is not the case with SILO stock.

While the company is in early stages of development, it is well capitalized, giving SILO stock a strong foundation from which to grow.

Psychedelics Are Hot

When the investing community gets behind a specific category, we tend to see dramatic gains in values across that category. After all, it’s ultimately investor opinion that causes moves in the market.

At the moment, psychedelics are taking center stage across the investing community. Big time investors such as Peter Thiel and Kevin O’Leary have loaded up recently in psychedelic stocks.  As you know, where famous investors lead, national publications will follow and several articles have been published across a wide array of mainstream publications surrounding the use of psychedelics in the treatment of conditions with large, unmet medical needs. In fact, both The Washington Post and US News & World Report have recently published articles outlining the medical benefits of select psychedelic drugs.

As mainstream publications continue to find value in the space, investors will go looking for opportunities, and SILO stock is likely to be near the top of the list. An important side note is that we believe Silo Pharma is the only United States based company using psychedelics to address conditions with unmet medical needs that is traded on a United States stock exchange. Moreover, with a strong capital position and being in the process of building a compelling Scientific Advisory Board, investors in the space are currently seeking this type of opportunity. As is always the case, increased demand leads to increasing prices, and that is exactly what I’m expecting to see.

SILO Management & Advisory Board Leadership

Any time I dive into an investment opportunity, I make it a point to look into the pedigree of those running the company. When it comes to Silo Pharma the company has a management team worth paying attention to. The team includes:

  • Eric Weisblum (CEO & Founder). With over 25 years of Wall Street experience, Eric Weisblum is no stranger to management. In fact, prior to founding Silo Pharma Weisblum served on the Board of Directors of Aikido Pharma, a Nasdaq-listed, biotech company focused on the commercialization of oncology therapeutics. At Aikido, Weisblum advised the company on the operations and licensing of their technology. 
  • Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D (Scientific Advisory Board Member). Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D., currently serves as a professor at Johns Hopkins and is an expert on psychedelics, other drugs, and addiction. As one of the most well-respected experts in the space, Dr. Johnson has worked with psychedelics since 2004, publishing more than 50 scientific papers on the topic. In 2008, Dr. Johnson published psychedelic safety guidelines, helping to resurrect research into the healing power of these compounds. He has also been a pioneer in the use of psychedelic treatments for patients with tobacco addiction, publishing research into the topic in 2014. Moreover, Dr. Johnson is no stranger to psilocybin. In fact, in 2016, he published the largest study of the chemical in cancer distress. As the foremost expert in psychedelics as a treatment, Dr. Johnson has been interviewed by 60 Minutes, the New York Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Fox Business News, NPR, and Michael Pollan.

Partnership Exploration Provides Potential Catalysts Ahead

Silo Pharma Inc. has been very clear about its efforts to develop partnerships in order to expand its research and the opportunity it provides to investors. In fact, the company is currently exploring potential partnerships with leading medical universities in the United States and abroad.

There are several benefits to these types of partnerships. Most importantly, these partnerships may lead to the funding and clinical studies that will ultimately serve to validate the company’s research through and assist the company’s navigation of the road to commercialization.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Silo Pharma Inc. is an incredible opportunity that simply hasn’t quite grabbed the attention of the investing community yet. As a result, the stock is heavily undervalued.

Psychedelics have been used by humans since at least 3700 BC. While our ancient ancestors used these compounds in rituals, more recently, they have been used by various cultures as medications over the past several centuries.

SILO is not recreating the wheel here. With hundreds of years of data surrounding the medical use of psychedelic compounds, the company is doing little more than tapping into a proven, yet untapped opportunity.

As the community begins to become aware of this heavily undervalued opportunity, it only makes sense that price appreciation is on the horizon. Add in the fact that the company is financially stable, the only US-based psychedelic company trading on a US exchange, boasts compelling science, is led by an impressive team, and plans on minting partnerships with leading medical universities, strong growth is likely ahead.

Disclosure: This article was published as the result of a monetary relationship between CNA Finance, parent comapny to Alpha Stock News, and Silo Pharma.

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Disclosure: This article was published as the result of a monetary relationship between CNA Finance, parent comapny to Alpha Stock News, and Silo Pharma.

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