Seneca Biopharma (CUR) Stock Climbs On License Agreement

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First and foremost, the licensing agreement means that the company will be bringing four new assets under its belt. For a clinical-stage biotech company with two current assets, this is great news as it will greatly expand the company’s pipeline.

Moreover, the assets that the company will get through the deal target very high value indications. This is an important key as the higher the value of the indication, the larger opportunity the stock represents as a potential investment.

It’s also worth mentioning that while we don’t know how many shares will be issued as part of this deal, we do know that CUR plans on paying for the deal with common shares of stock. While this will lead to some dilution, the deal will not have an effect on the company’s cash on hand, nor its ability to maintain operations from a financial standpoint.

All in all, until we know how many shares will be issued, no one knows just how good of a deal this is. However, things are looking great. With new assets coming to the table, CUR is diversifyng its holdings. Moreover, this diversification will take place with assets targeting high-value indications. So far, this seems like a win/win agreement.

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