Sellas Life Sciences (SLS) Stock: Here’s What’s Driving Gains

Sellas Life Sciences SLS Stock News

Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc (NASDAQ: SLS) is making a run for the top in the market this morning, gaining over 90% as we head into mid-day. While the stock is running, you won’t find any press releases or SEC filings that acted as the catalyst. Here’s what’s going on:

SLS Stock Runs As First Woman Kills Breast Cancer With Vaccine

As mentioned above, Sellas Life Sciences is climbing in the market this morning with no clear catalyst issued by the comapny. Nonetheless, there is a good reason for the gains.

If you dig through social media, you’ll find this link quite a bit in and around posts regarding SLS. The article behind the link outlines a medical breakthrough. A Florida woman has killed off breast cancer with the help of a promising new vaccine.

The patient, Lee Mercker, was diagnosed with a very early stage of breast cancer. Mercker later went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacsonville, Florida to start treatment.

Before treatment began, her doctor asked if she would like to try something else first. Mercker’s doctor suggested a promising experimental vaccine that aimes to stave off early stage breast cancer and prevent future occurrence.

All in all, the patient received 12 vaccine shots, three per visit for four visits. Soon, she was cancer free. In the article, the name of the “promising new vaccine” was never released. However, SLS shareholders believe it to be NeuVax.

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    1. How can you say for sure that it wasn’t NeuVax? The article did not mention the name of the vaccine nor the company that produced it. If you have a source, please provide it.

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