Sellas Life Sciences (SLS) Stock: Buy The Dip

Sellas Life Sciences SLS Stock News

I’ve been following Sellas Life Sciences for some time now and one thing that I’ve seen time and time again is that the stock reacts well to positive news. Essentially, catalystic events have the potential to send this stock skyrocketing.

With the recent profit taking in SLS, the stock is trading at an unreasonably low point in my opinion. Also, with all of the downward movement, we know that shorts are holding onto the ticker.

With a relatively high short volume ratio and positive news surrounding the company’s clinical development programs likely ahead, there’s a good chance that either leading up to the date of the event, or on the date of the event, we will see a short squeeze.

Of course, should this take place, SLS is likely to rocket. So, getting involved now, when fear is high, gives you the opportunity to get involved in what could be a tremendous run at a large discount.

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