Seelos Therapeutics (SEEL) Stock Pops On SLS-007 Update

Seelos Therapeutics SEEL Stock News

Seelos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: SEEL) is making its way for the top in the market this morning, trading on gains of more than 12%. The gains come after the company announced an update with regard to its Parkison’s Disease program known as SLS-007.

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SEEL Stock Climbs On Parkinson’s Disease Program  Update

Seelos Therapeutics provided an update with regard to its Parkinson’s Disease Progrmam known as SLS-007 in a press release issued this morning. In the release, the company said that it will begin an in-vivo study, delivering SLS-007 by an Adeno-Associated Virus vector, making it the company’s second gene therapy approach.

According to the release, SEEL is currently working on the production of viral vectors in preparation for animal studies. Data from these animal studies are expected to be released in the second half of 2020.

In a statement, Raj Mehra, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO SEEL, had the following to offer:

Identifying the AAV vector as the optimal route of systemic administration of SLS-007 may ultimately yield a convenient one-time delivery of the peptides. This is a novel method of viral delivery that has been a collaboration between our R&D team and key opinion leaders that, if successful, could be a major advancement in the field.

The above statement was followed up by Tim Whitaker, MD, Head of R&D, had the following to offer:

The study will include measurements of several key biomarkers that will assess the extent of alpha-synuclein (α-synuclein) aggregates expression in key target areas of the brain, such as the forebrain and the substantia nigra. These outcomes will help determine key target engagement and set the stage for our next steps with the program.

In the release, Seelos reminded investors that it is also developing SLS-004. SLS-004 is an all-in-one lentiviral vector gene therapy program that is being developed to target the SNCA gene. This gene encodes for the production of a-synuclein.

Why Investors Are So Excited

This is very big news because of multiple reasons. First and foremost, Parkinson’s disease is a very difficult-to-treat illness. While there are therapeutic options out there, the options are few and their efficacy is minimal in most cases.

Gene therapy is relatively new, but has shown promise in several debilitating conditions. Taking a gene therapy approach in Parkinson’s disease makes SEEL a pioneer in the space. Not to mention, should the approach lead to strong efficacy, the value of the treatment would be tremendous.

Think about it, The Parkinson’s disease market is expected to grow to be worth more than $8.38 billion by the year 2026. SEEL has a market cap of around $30 million. Should the company tap into even a small portion of this market, it would be incredible in terms of revenue and value growth.

Not to mention, if this gene therapy-driven treatment proves to be effective, it could take far more than a small percentage of this market. So, there’s very good reason to be excited about the long-term potential at SEEL.

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