Novavax (NVAX) Stok Rokets On COVID-19 Trial Initiation

Novavax NVAX Stock News

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX) is screaming for the top in the market this morning, and for good reason. The company announced in a press release issued on Memorial Day, that it would be initiating Phase I/II clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Here’s what’s going on:

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NVAX Stock Is Climbing On COVID-19 Vaccine Study News

In the press release, Novavax said that it has enrolled its first patients in a Phase I/II clinical trial of NVX-oV2373, it’s coronavirus vaccine candidate. The candidate is a stable, prefusion protein made with the company’s proprietary nanoparticle technology.

Importantly, the vaccine includes the company’s proprietary Matrix-M adjuvant, which is expected to enhance immune responses as well as stimulate high levels of neutralizing antibodies. It is expected that NVAX will release preliminary immunogenicity and safety results from the Phase I portion of the trial in July of this year.

The company said that the trial will be conducted in two parts. First, the Phase I portion, will evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of NVX-CoV2373, both with and without the Matrix-M adjuvant. It is expected that this portion of the trial will include 130 healthy participants ranging in age from 18 to 59.

During the Phase I portion, patients will be provided with one of two dose sizes of the vaccine either with or without the Matrix-M adjuvant. The trial will take place in two clinical sites in Australia.

NVAX said that the second portion of the trial will be conducted across multiple countries, including the United States. The Phase II portion will assess immunity, safety, and COVID-19 disease reduction in a broader age range.

In a statement, Stanley C. Erck, President and CEO at Novavax, had the following to offer:

Administering our vaccine in the first participants of this clinical trial is a significant achievement, bringing us one step closer toward addressing the fundamental need for a vaccine in the fight against the global COVID‑19 pandemic. We look forward to sharing the clinical results in July and, if promising, quickly initiating the Phase 2 portion of the trial.

The above statement was followed up by Dr. Richard Hatchett, CEO at CEPI. Here’s what he had to offer with regard to the NVAX Phase I/II trial and the company’s work to develop a vaccine:

Entering clinical trials is an important step on the path to delivering a safe, effective and globally accessible vaccine against COVID-19. Vaccines provide our best hope of permanently defeating this pandemic, so it is encouraging to see rapid progress being made in the development of Novavax’ vaccine candidate. CEPI’s priority in building our portfolio has been to focus on vaccine candidates with the potential to be developed at speed and scale and made globally accessible. Our investment in Novavax allows us to focus on manufacturing in parallel with the clinical development of the vaccine, so that if the vaccine is proven to be safe and effective, we can make doses available to those who need them without delay.

This News Is Huge

The news released by Novavax this morning is a big win for the company, its investors, and the healthcare community as a whole. While the United States is working to reopen its economy, the virus has likely changed life as we know it for good. The economic, social, and political landscape is changing before our eyes.

At the end of the day, we all want the pandemic to come to an end.

However, for this to take place, we need multiple pieces of the puzzle. We need proper testing, as well as effective vaccines and treatments. That’s where NVAX comes in. In preclinical studies, their coronavirus vaccine produced incredibly strong data. Should human data be the same, the company could become the cornerstone in the prevention of COVID-19.

As the company continues to break ground in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine, there will be several catalysts for investors to look forward to. As such, NVAX stock should be on your radar.

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