Novavax (NVAX) Stock Climbs As Coronavirus Panic Spread

Novavax NVAX Stock News

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX) is running for the top in the market this morning, but no news has hit. With no press releases or SEC filings, many are wondering why the stock is running for the top. It all has to do with the coronavirus panic and the strides the company has made in the space. Here’s what’s happening:

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NVAX Stock Climbs As The World Panics About COVID-19

As mentioned above, while there has been no news released, Novavax is making an impressive run for the top in the market this morning. So, what’s the deal? As the world continues to go into panic about the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, investors see opportunity.

The truth of the matter is that while the coronavirus is still relatively new, NVAX has made strides in the fight against the virus. Although there are tons of companies that have decided to work toward a coronvairus vaccine, few are as advanced in the process as this one.

The company was one of the first to announce that it wasn’t just working on a coronavirus vaccine, but it actually had something tangible. In fact, in the announcement, the company said that it had produced several nanopartcle vaccine canidates. From there, the company was assessing the candidates to find the most viable option for human testing.

The company plans on moving quickly here. In fact, NVAX expects that human testing of the most viable candidate will begin in spring. That’s a big step as it will likely be the second company to enter the clinic with a vaccine candidate, behind only Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA)

Aside from already having several candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine, Novavax was one of the first to announce funding, only validating their work. In fact, recently, the company announced that it received a funding from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparidness, or CEPI. The initial traunch of funding was $4 million. However, the company expects to be awarded further funding ahead.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Novavax is a key player in the coronavirus vaccine space. The company isn’t just working on developing something, it already has several tangible vaccine candidates and is working quickly to put the best one in the clinic.

Moreover, the company saw incredible validation for its work after being one of the first to receive grant funding in the coronavirus space. This is huge in a time when a pandemic strikes.

Think about it, NVAX is far ahead of most of its competition in the vaccination of a virus that is shutting down the world. Borders are closing, schools are closing, stores are limiting hours, events are being shut down, cities are going into quarantine, and the issue is expected by many to get worse before it gets better.

The truth of the matter is that COVID-19 is scary. It’s scary from a health perspective, from a financial perspective, and from just about any perspective you look at it. As such, demand for a vaccine is climbing and as NVAX continues to be one of the front runners in the race, the stock is only becoming more valuable.

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