NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NBY) Stock Gains On Product Launch

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals NBY Stock News

First and foremost, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals recently announced the launch of Avenova on The product has done overwhelmingly well on the platform and has garnered positive reviews. In fact, Avenova has 4.5 stars on average from customer reviews.

Considering the successful launch of Avenova on, it only makes sense that we will see more of the same through the launch of NovaSight.

Importantly, NovaSight is a companion product of Avenova. This is important because a while ago, saw value in bunching products together and selling them as a bundle. No matter what you shop for, if you scroll below the initial description of the product, you will see it coupled with multiple others with a total price.

This strategy makes it easy for consumers to purchase like products, while increasing sales from and its sellers. With Avenova having success on, we will likely soon see NovaSight being sold with Avenova on the website. This will help the launch hit the ground running and is very beneficial for NBY and its investors.

All in all, NBY is launching yet another product on one of the largest retail outlets in the world. As such, investors are excited about the prospect of growing revenues ahead.

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