Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) Stock: The Debate Explained

Northern Dynasty Minerals NAK Stock News

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: NAK) has been a roller coaster ride over the past week. An article suggesting that the Trump Administration would block the Pebble Project sent the stock tumbling. However, the stock worked to recover as the company refuted the article. Nonetheless, there’s more room for tremendous gains here.

Here’s the deal with the debate and why the stock could fly from here:

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The NAK Stock Debate

Recently, there has been quite a bit of debate surrounding Northern Dynasty Minerals and its Pebble Project. The debate started with a report from Politico suggested that the Trump Administration would block the permitting process for the Pebble Project. Of course, should this happen, and the project die, it would be a massive blow to the company and its investors.

However, I said it over and over again last week, and I will continue to say it now. The Politico post was WRONG! Nonetheless, let’s break down the debate:

It all started when the United States Army Corps of Engineers issued an Alaska District letter that was intended to be a guiding policy for the federal review of the Pebble Project. However, media outlets covered it as a press release from the Army that suggested that the project would be blocked.

This was a major misconception.

In fact, Ryan Fisher, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, one of the senior leaders responsible for the USACE, clarified this position. In fact, he said that the letter was “not a press release from the Army that used stronger language against the project or other political noise in opposition to it.”

This is a very important point of clarity for NAK, the Pebble Project, and its investors.

The Pebble Project is not being stopped or blocked by the Trump Administration. Instead, it was provided with a roadmap that will guide its decision making process and help to ensure that permitting is possible.

Now that there is a roadmap, NAK and its team at Pebble are working hard. In fact, it has been working for the last couple of months to develop a mitigation plan. In fact, as soon as the company was given guidance, it began work to meet the USACE requirements.

At the moment, the company said that it has “had crews in the field finalizing wetlands survey work in the Koktuli watershed for several weeks.” Moreover, the company expects that this work will be completed in the very near-term, stating that we should see completion in early September, and setting the timeline for the next big catalyst.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. The United States Army Corps of Engineers recently issued a press release, providing NAK with a roadmap to potential permitting of the Pebble Project. Because the letter outlined minor issues that would need to be addressed prior to permitting, media outlets twisted, likely for political purposes, to suggest that the Pebble Project would be blocked.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The company is around the corner from completing a mitigation plan for the issues that were outlined in the figurative roadmap. That in and of itself is a potentially positive catalyst. However, beyond the short term catalyst it will provide, the mitigation plan will likely push Pebble to permitting. As such, there’s plenty more room for growth in NAK stock.

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