Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) Stock: A Glimmer Of Hope Emerges

Northern Dynasty Minerals NAK Stock News

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: NAK) hasn’t issued any news in some time now. So, I was surprised when I saw the stock trading at more than 10% gains in the premarket this morning.

Since the market opened, gains have tappered down a bit. Currently, NAK is trading on gains of 1.79%. While the gains have tappered down, there is still quite a bit of chatter surrounding the stock on message boards and social networks.

With no news out, many are wondering the reason for the move. After digging, I was able to find an article published on Anchorage Daily News (ADN) that I believe led to the premarket activity. Here’s what’s going on:

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ADN Article Sparks Premarket Bullish Activity In NAK Stock

Authors Lisa Reimers, Ventura Samaniego and Brad Angasan, Alaskan Natives, took to the press this morning in an article published on ADN. The topic of the article was Northern Dynasty Mineral’s Pebble Project and their support of what the company is doing.

The authors outlined the economic struggles that their village has faced over the past couple of decades, and voiced their opinion about the economic impact of the Pebble Project.

Ultimately, the authors see the project as a compelling opportunity to bring tax dollars and jobs into their village, providing much needed support for their people. The authors pushed for Sen. Murkowski to be more active in pushing for the approval of the project, even going on to say that leaders in other areas do not speak for their home village.

In the note, the authors wrote:

Jason Metrokin, Alannah Hurley, Ralph Anderson and Norm Van Vactor are great, well-intentioned people. However, we want Alaskans to know that they do not speak for our home villages. When we press them for answers and ideas about jobs and hope for our communities, all we hear back are crickets. This is because there are no easy solutions. This is why we continue to press for a full and fair evaluation for the Pebble prospect.

We have seen firsthand what the “no Pebble” scenario looks like for our communities. It is more outmigration. It is more homes split apart as family members move to other places for work. It is higher costs of energy that cripple our communities in the winter. It is watching some of our schools close while others teeter on the fence due to declining enrollment. It lacks hope.

We have long said that development of a mine at Pebble may not be our first choice for an economy for our region, but in the past 20 years it has really been the only choice. We have had longstanding business relationships with the project to provide a range of services for their exploration program. We have brought numerous issues of concern to their attention and have worked with them on realistic solutions. While not perfect, our relationship has produced meaningful jobs for our shareholders. More importantly, it has given us a seat at the table with the potential developer so we can hear firsthand about their plans and have our questions answered.

What you Need To Know About NAK And Pebble

Pebble is the core source of value for Northern Dynasty Minerals. However, the project has been on hold for years as the permitting process to mine in Bristol Bay has been a nightmare.

At the moment, the permitting process is under way with arguments on both sides proving to be compelling. Nonetheless, with the article published on ADN today, it looks like those that are for the project are likely to come out ahead. Here’s why:

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