Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) Stock: A Big Potential Win

Northern Dynasty Minerals NAK Stock News

Following Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: NAK) has been a wild ride over the years. Interestingly, the company is sitting on what could be one of the most valuable mines in the world, but hasn’t been able to break ground.

That’s because the mine sits is a highly-protected area known as Bristol Bay. However, a recent announcement set the stage for exciting news ahead. The mine may be on a direct path to development, and investors that have been waiting years for this news are jumping for joy.

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NAK Stock Could See Strong Gains Ahead

Over the years, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has been a thorn in the side of Northern Dynasty Minerals. While the company has shown time and time again that its mine should not have a negative effect on the surrounding environment, they have been blocked from even submitting permit applications.

However, a short while back, the two parties were fighting it out in court when they came to an agreement. NAK would finally be able to submit its permit applications to begin production, but would need the nod from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, among meeting other conditions, first.

Well, about a week ago, the company announced that the US Army Corps of Engineers shared its preliminary Environmental Impact Statement, or EIS, with various agencies. Importantly, the EIS was overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, the report showed that the Army Corpos of Engineers believes that there will be no measurable change in the number of returning salmon. This is key as the community in the area depends heavily on the salmon run economically.

The report also suggests that the mine will have no long term effect on fish numbers or the health of Bristol Bay fisheries and those that depend on them. In fact, due to the low use of hapitat to be removed, the Corps said that impacts to anadromous and resident fish populations from these direct habitat losses would be expected to fall within the range of natural variability.

Moreover, the statement says that the Pebble Project by NAK would create economic benefits effecting minority and low-income communities and lasting for the life of the project.

All in all, the United States Army Corps of Engineers are likely to give the nod of approval. While the report was not final, it suggests that there will be little to no environmental harm yet substantial economic gain. As such, the Pebble Project isn’t just a step closer to development, it’s one giant leap closer.

What’s Ahead

Moving forward, Northern Dynasty Minerals have a lot to look forward to. First and foremost, the Army Corps of Engineers is expected to have the final EIS completed by mid-2020. That’s just around the corner my friends!

With the positive preliminary EIS in mind, it would be hard to imagine a scenario in which the Corps would make a full 360 and produce a report that suggests anything but that development is ahead. This means that there is a major catalyst ahead for NAK.

Importantly, once the final EIS is released, it will get the ball rolling on multiple catalysts that lie ahead. While the development of the mine may still be a couple of years ahead of us, catalysts like the Final EIS, submission of permit applications, reviews, partnership opportunities that would be created, and more will likely support strong growth in the stock ahead.

All in all, there is a lot for NAK investors to look forward to.

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