Neurotrope (NTRP) Stock Pops On Strategic Exploration

Neurotrope NTRP Stock News

Reason #3: Potential For Asset Sale, Licensing Or Partnerships

Another potential result of the strategic review could be the sale or licensing of the company’s assets under development, or even a partnership. The truth of the matter is neurological disorders come with a strong market opportunity.

With the assets that NTRP has under development, there may be a larger player in the space that would see value in licensing the rights to these assets in the United States, abroad, or both. Of course, licensing would come with upfront fees and other support through development as well as other opportunity to economically gain from sales.

if the company sells any or all of its assets, the sale would also generate meaningful funding for the company and its investors.

Moreover, we could see a partnership as a result of a strategic review. If this were the case, a partnership would take some of the financial strain off of the company while it is under development, with a partner sharing the economic risk.

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