Moleculin Biotech (MBRX) Stock Flies On Potential COVID-19 Treatment

Moleculin Biotech MBRX Stock News

Moleculin Biotech Inc (NASDAQ: MBRX) is seeing dramatic gains in the marke today. The stock is trading up more than 200% early on after the company announced that it may have a treatment for COVID-19 patients. Here’s what’s going on:

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MBRX Stock Is Popping On COVID-19 Treatment Candidate

In press release issued early this morning, Moleculin Biotech said that independent research has found 2-deoxy-D-glucose, or 2-DG, to reduce replication of SARS-CoV-2. This is the virus that causes COVID-19. In invitro testing, the replication was reduced 100%. 

In the release, the company said that researchers at the University of Frankfurt disclosed these findings in NatureResearch

This is important because MBRX has a drug candidate known as WP1122 that is referred to as a prodrug of 2-DG. Chemical elements are added to 2-DG to improve delivery in vivo. Once administered, the company said that these added elements are removed by the normal metabolic process, leaving on 2-DG behind. 

In a statement, Walter Klemp, Chairman and CEO At MBRX, had the following to offer:

This is the breakthrough we were looking for, only it came from an unexpected source. Normally, we wouldn’t have access to data like this until it is published, but the willingness of the authors to pre-release this data will help support our development of WP1122 for treating COVID-19.

The above statement was followed up by Dr. Don Picker, CSO at MBRX. Here’s what he had to say:

2-DG is what we call the ‘active moiety’ in WP1122. The problem with 2-DG is that it is metabolized by the body too quickly, so you can’t get enough concentration in human tissues and organs to be therapeutic. Therefore, even though 2-DG is active against a range of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, it isn’t useful as a clinical therapy because it’s too rapidly metabolized. WP1122 appears to solve this problem because it is a ‘prodrug’ of 2-DG. Its structure enables it to achieve much higher tissue/organ concentrations than 2-DG alone, but once it’s in the cell, it metabolizes into the exact same 2-DG that is so effective in vitro.

This News Is Huge!

Today’s news from Moleculin Biotech is incredibly exciting. Lets face it, life is changing. Social distancing is keeping us from friends and family, children are no longer in school, and many stores have shut their doors. 

To bring back any sense of normalcy, this pandemic needs to be stopped. Of course, a key aspect in putting an end to a pandemic is creating vaccines and cures. It seems as though the candidate at MBRX has the potential to be a cure. 

As such, if you’re not paying attention to this stock yet, now is the time to start!

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