Millennial Investing News

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The great wealth transfer is upon us. This is a period of time when millennials will enherit a massive amount of money. In fact, experts suggest that millennials will enherit around $68 trillion in the years ahead. 

With the great wealth transfer taking place, millennials will soon be the richest generation of consumers in the United States. Considering this, companies that cater to millennials are likely to see great increases in demand relatively soon. 

Nautrually, this means that by centering investments around millennials, savvy investors are gearing up for big gains. 

Think about it, when publicly traded companies see tremendous growth in revenue, it generally equates to tremendous growht in earnings and ultimately, tremendous growth in value. 

The time is now. Millennials are seeing income increases as they continue to climb the ladders in their careers.

Now, with the great wealth transfer adding to the wealth of millennials, companies that cater to this generation of consumers are likely to be big winners ahead. 

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Millennial stocks are essentially stocks with millennial interests at heart. So, to figure out if a stock is a good one to invest in to take advantage of the great wealth transfer is to think, “Does the company cater to millennials?” Here are some millennial interests to keep in mind:

  • Technology – Millennials often look for the latest and greatest in technology, both to improve efficiencies and for entertainment. Companies that stay on the cutting edge of technology are make great investments. 
  • Fun, Yet Healthy – Millennials want to have fun, but are more health conscious than past generations. Therefore, company’s that focus on providing healthy food, but in a fun way, are good choices to consider.
  • Fitness – Millennials tend to work out more than previous generations as they are more concerned about health. However, they want to be stylish when doing so. So, stylish workout clothing brands are strong choices to consider. 
  • Clean Energy – Environmentally friendly companies are at the top of the list for millennials. Knowing that climate change is upon us, millennials are actively seeking ways to improve not only their health, but the health of the environment as well.