Kazia Therapeutics (KZIA) Stock Falls On Seemingly Positive Data

Kazia Therapeutics KZIA Stock News

While the data seemed positive, there are some concerns here. First and foremost, toxicity is always going to be watched closely, and with dose limiting toxicities reported this may be a big deal.

At the end of the day, we don’t know how much of the positive data is from the highest dose arm, which has been reduced from 75mg to 60mg. Dose limiting toxicities could put a damper on efficacy as smaller doses must be used to treat the patient population.

It’s also worth mentioning that Kazia Therapeutics isn’t the only company that is studying glioblastoma. In fact, most investors that are interested in the company are also watching Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: DFFN), a company that seems to be achieving a higher level of success.

For example, DFFN recently released data from their treatment showing progression free survival over one year with median overall survival yet to be achieved at 14.3 months. It’s also worth mentioning that a larger portion of the DFFN patient population is still alive at 14.3 months than the portion of the patient population of the KZIA over a shorter period of time.

All in all, even if this treatment is showing improvements over the standard of care, it seems to be falling behind other options under clinical development. This could throw a wrench in commercialization should KZIA make it to market with their product.

So, while the data seemed to be overwhelmingly positive, there are good reasons that investors are so concerned.

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