Joshua Rodriguez Adds Las Vegas Sands (LVS) Stock To His Investment Portfolio

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I had a few bucks sitting around this morning and wanted to dive into something new. So, I started thinking of stocks that would benefit from a COVID-19 vaccine hitting the market and consumers deciding to travel again. I was looking for a stock that had been battered by the pandemic, had a tremendous opportunity for growth, and had the vast majority of analysts on its side. It wasn’t hard to find that in Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS). Here’s what compelled me to dive in:

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LVS Stock Is My Second Largest Holding

After diving in this morning, I quickly decided that I was going to invest, and I was going to invest a chunk. In fact, as of right now, Las Vegas Sands stock represents the second largest holding in my portfolio. Here’s why:

Analysts Love LVS

First and foremost, analysts are all over LVS stock with positive opinions. In fact, 78% of analysts that have weighed in on the stock tell investors that it’s time to buy. Of those that don’t rate the stock a buy, the other 22%, all of them tell you that if you own it, you should hold it.

I never blindly follow the opinions of analysts, but that’s a great sign.

Moreover, while the average price target of $57.09 doesn’t represent much of an upside, the high target is $65, offering a huge complied upside. The vast majority of analysts haven’t updated coverage since the recent announcements of positive COVID-19 vaccine data, which will likely result in far higher targets and brings me to my next point.

COVID-19 May Be Over Soon

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a painful reality for the masses. However, the travel industry has been hit the hardest. After all, who’s traveling when we’re being told that if we do, we can contract a highly contageous virus that can kill us.

Nonetheless, recent data from COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials has been promising, with two highly effective vaccines that will likely hit the market soon.

When a vaccine hits the market and people can feel safe leaving home, they won’t just want to get out, they’ll having a burning desire to travel. Think about it, for the past year, nobody has been taking vacations. Gamblers have been gambling online, moviegoers have been spending their time in living rooms, and everyone is itching to go somewhere.

This will lead to a flood of traffic and revenue for travel stocks. With Las Vegas Sands being a leader in Casinos in Las Vegas, it’s likely to benefit greatly, making LVS stock one that’s hard to ignore.

Compelling Balance Sheet

Even in the face of COVID-19, the LVS balance sheet has been a compelling one. This is important because while a vaccine is on the horizon, mass availability is likely still several months away. As a result, any company you invest in now will need to have the financial stability it takes to make it through the storm.

Las Vegas Sands has plenty of money in the bank, offering it the runway it needs to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s A Fun Investment

Why not gamble on a gamble. Well, this isn’t exactly gambling. I dug in and I liked what I saw. I’ve never owned a casino stock, but have seen, and even covered several opportunities. I’ve had interest in the industry and I’ve done my share of research. Now, it’s time to dive into this investment. So, I decided, why wait!

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The Bottom Line

Day Trading Lessons

The bottom line here is simple. I wanted to find a stock that offered a compelling opportunity based on a key set of criteria. LVS stock hit the nail on the head, and I believe that growth in the stock is imminent. I just jumped in this morning, you’re welcome to join me for the ride!

This is not a solicitation for the purchase of stock. The author is not an investment advisor or broker/dealer.

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