Jaguar Health (JAGX) Stock Runs For The Top

Jaguar Health JAGX Stock News

Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ: JAGX) is popping in the market today, but no news has been released. The company hasn’t provided a press release or filed anything with the SEC. Nonetheless, there’s a very good reason for the run in value.

Ultimately, it looks like a positive analyst initiation is starting to trigger a short squeeze. Here’s what’s happening:

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Positive Analyst Coverage Sets JAGX Up For A Short Squeeze

As mentioned above, Jaguar Health stock is running for the top, trading on ridiculous volume today. With no news from the company, many are scratching their heads, wondering why. To be honest, it all started in August.

Unfortunately, during the month of August, JAGS saw a significant increase in short interest. By August 21, shorts totalled 199,100 shares, a climb of more than 178% over the total shares shorted in by the close of July. Moreover, about 10% of the company’s shares were being sold short as of the close of August.

This set the stage for what we’re seeing today. With high short interest, it only takes a small amount of positive news to trigger a squeeze, resulting in high volume and gains worth being part of.

That’s what happened today. It seems as though the squeeze in JAGX is being caused by an analyst initiation. Ladenburg Thalmann started Jaguar Health with a Buy rating according to The Fly.

Of course, investors, both retail and institutional, pay close attention to the opinions of Wall Street analysts. While it’s never a good idea to blindly follow anyone, including analysts, all these people do is analyze the market day in and day out. They have the ability to give insights that the average retail investor just don’t see.

So, when Ladenburg came out with a positive opinion this morning, it led to an uptick in the value of JAGX. Of course, this means for shorts, well, they had the potential to lose their shorts.

As a result, Jaguar shares have been trading in the green all day on increasing volume as shorts rates to cover and longs grin ear to ear!

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