Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO) Stock Continues To Tumble

Inovio Pharmaceuticals INO Stock News

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO) is having a horrible day in the market today, trading on losses of more than 11% after dramatic declines yesterday. So, what’s the deal? Here’s why the stock is tumbling.

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INO Tumbles On Data And Scalability Concerns

Inovio Pharmaceuticals was one of the first biotechnology companies to announce that it’s working on a COVID-19 vaccine candidate. So, it’s only natural that we’re already starting to see data out of the company.

Yesterday, INO provided an update with regard to its vaccine candidate known as INO-4800 that seemed positive overall. However, it sent the stock plunging for the bottom.

In the press release, the company said that the early-stage clinical study resulted in positive data. In fact, the data showed that the vaccine was safe and well tolerated. Moreover, it showed signs of efficacy with 38 out of 40 patients demonstrating an overall immune response.

So What’s The Problem?

The problem here is that the data was incredibly vague. While INO did say that the data was positive from a safety and efficacy standpoint, there was absolutely no information as to what percentage of vaccinated participants actually produced antibodies.

This is an important statistic as antibodies are the key to the prevention of infection by the coronavirus. While vaccines can lead to strong immune signals in many ways, when it comes to the fight against COVID-19, no antibodies means susceptibility.

Investors are speculating that since the company didn’t release any information as to what percentage of participants actually created antibodies, chances are that the data in this specific area wasn’t positive.

Aside from antibody data, investors are also concerned about Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ ability to scale up to mass manufacturing. At the moment, the company is in the midst of a dispute with VGXI. VGXI has been the company’s manufacturing partner for quite some time, and this dispute could lead to delays in production should the vaccine actually prove to produce antibodies and protect consumers.

What’s Next

Moving forward, the company has its work cut out for it. First and foremost, INO needs to release antibody data. If that data is positive, it will ease the minds of investors and help the stock to head in the right direction.

Moreover, hopes that this vaccine will be the answer to coronavirus are only valid if the company can get manufacturing concerns behind them. So, keep an eye on news surrounding manufacturing and scalability for hints as to where the stock is heading ahead.

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