INOVIO Pharmaceuticals (INO) Stock Climbs On Coronavirus Vaccine Data

Inovio Pharmaceuticals INO Stock News

INOVIO Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO) is flying in the market this morning, and for good reason. Late yesterday, the company released data with regard to the vaccine that it is working on for the prevention of Coronavirus. Here’s what’s happening:

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INO Stock Is Climbing On INO-4700 Data

In the release, INOVIO Pharmaceuticals and its partner, GeneOne Life Science, provided interim data from a DNA vaccine trial. The data provided shows a picture of efficacy through 16 weeks in a Phase 1/2a trial.

In the trial INO and GeneOne are assessing INO-4700 as a potential DNA vaccine to protect against MERS coronavirus, or MERS-CoV. To date, consumers that have received the vaccine have demonstrated strong antibody and T cell immune responses after between two and three doses of the vaccine.

The vaccine targets the MERS-CoV Spike (S) glycorprotein. By targeting this glycoprotein, strong immune responses are being seen. Importantly, the vaccine seems to be well-tolerated and there have been no INO-4700-related severe adverse events.

In a statement, Dr. J. Joseph Kim, President and CEO at INO, had the following to offer:

The INO-4700 Phase 1/2a clinical trial data demonstrates that our MERS DNA vaccine is able to generate robust immune responses using INOVIO’s intradermal CELLECTRA delivery system. This exciting data provides a great foundation for the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine advancement as it demonstrates the power of INOVIO’s delivery system and the strength of our coronavirus experience. As we have designed our COVID-19 vaccine INO-4800 using the same strategy as INO-4700, including the selection of full length Spike protein as the target and the use of intradermal CELLECTRA device, we are hopeful that the ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial with INO-4800 would generate similar clinical immune responses and safety data as we have just reported for INO-4700.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is the second study of INO-4700. The first clinical trial included 75 subjects. In this trial, there were no signifcant differences between dose level and vaccine induced immune response. Importantly, the vaccine has been shown to provide 100% protection against MERS in a pathogenic monkey challenge model.

As a result of the strong data, INOVIO said that it’s planning on advancing the vaccine canddiate into a Phase 2 trial using part of the $56 million in funding provided by the CEPI.

Why This News Is So Exciting

For some time, the world has been looking for a vaccine for MERS coronavirus. With INOVIO Pharmaceuticals showing such strong data, that, in and of itself, is exciting. However, the excitement goes a bit further here.

INO-4700 is a DNA-based vaccine, just like INO-4800 which is being developed as a potential vaccine against COVID-19. Importantly, the MERS coronavirus is a cousin strain of the coronavirus to the virus that has caused the pandemic that we’re living through today. So, the idea here is that with such strong data coming out of INO-4700, there’s a strong chance that we can expect to see similar results out of INO-4800 against COVID-19.

Considering the state of the pandemic, a vaccine for COVID-19 is incredibly important. While there is a race between several companies that are working to develop a vaccine, INO seems to be one of the clear leaders in the space, and this data only helps to solidify this position. All in all, if you’re not watching INO stock yet, you should start!

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