iBio (IBIO) Stock: Something Big Is Coming Soon

iBio IBIO Stock News

iBio Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) is making a run for the top in the market this morning, following up on the strong gains that we saw from the stock on Friday. While there has been no news issued by the company, there’s good reason to be excited here with a catalyst likely just around the corner. Here’s what’s going on:

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IBIO Stock: A Quick Rundown

We’ve been talking about iBio for some time now. So, there’s plenty of detailed information about the company if you do a search, or simply click here. Nonetheless, here’s a quick rundown as to why we’re so excited about the stock:

  • IBIO is in the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine and has two candidates under development as we speak.
  • The company’s candidates are two of very few that are expected to only require a single dose. Most vaccines being studied require multiple doses, in some cases, weeks apart.
  • The company teamed up with CC-Pharming from the very beginning. Not only does this partnership open the door to the Chinese market, it brings experience to the table as CC-Pharming has developed a vaccine for a sister strain of the coronavirus.
  • The company owns the FastPharming Facility. The facility, commissioned by the United States government, was developed in order to manufacture vaccines and other biologic agents quickly in times of a pandemic, like what we’re seeing today.

The bottom line here is simple. Not only is IBIO currently developing multiple vaccine candidates to protect consumers against COVID-19, the company has multiple strategic advantages that make it hard to ignore.

The Coming Catalyst

At the moment, investors in iBio are getting pretty ancy. While the company has released a couple of press releases recently, it hasn’t said anything about its actual work in the COVID-19 vaccine space in a couple of months.

The two most recent press releases were an announcement that it will be included in Russell indexes 24 days ago, and it has been chosen to receive free access to IBM Watson Health’s clinical development tools.

So, what’s the deal?

The truth of the matter is that the development of any vaccine or treatment is going to take some time. Nonetheless, an update with regard to its vaccine candidates is likely just around the corner for IBIO.

Ultimately, the company is likely to release data from its preclinical efforts with regard to its second vaccine candidate. The company is also likely to provide an update on the development process for its original candidate.

Should any of these updates be positive, as I believe they will be, the stock has the potential to rocket. So, if you’re worried about the fact that there have been no updates in a couple of months… Don’t worry! All the wait is doing is lining up for positive news ahead, which is likely to lead to a big run in value.

Final Thoughts

In my view, IBIO is a great stock to consider in both the short and long run. In the short term, there are several development-related catalysts that have the potential to yield serious gains. In the long run, the company has the potential to be a cornerstone in the vaccination against COVID-19, being one of few with a potential viable vaccine that requires only a single dose and having the ability to manufacture that vaccine at a lightning pace. All in all, IBIO stock is one to watch closely.

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