iBio (IBIO) Stock: Is This Going To $10 Per Share?

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iBio Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) has been one of the craziest stocks on the market as of late. After announcing a partnership with CC Pharming to develop a coronavirus vaccine, the stock climbed more than 900%. However, more recently, profit taking has led to about a third of these gains being given up.

Interestingly, on one of my recent posts on the top, a reader commented that the stock should go to $10 per share. If this happens, it means that the stock will have ran another 625%. The real question has to do with if this is going to happen or not.

In my view, there’s a real chance that over the next several months, IBIO will be trading at these levels. Here’s why:

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IBIO Is A Key Player In The Fight Against COVID-19

While there have been several companies that have announced that they are working on vaccines to stave off the novel coronavirus, iBio was one of the first to make an announcement that it was entering the space. However, being the first to enter doesn’t mean that you’ll win the race. Nonetheless, there are a few factors that point to a great outcome for the stock.

First and foremost, CC Pharming, the partner chosen by IBIO is a key part of the opportunity here. You see, CC Pharming is a Chinese company. As such, this partnership will allow for the companies to bring their vaccine to market in China pretty quickly.

Moreover, CC Pharming has plenty of experience in the vaccine development space. In fact, in the past, the company developed a vaccine for SARS-coronavirus, a cousin strain of the virus that is causing today’s pandemic. With this experience in play, there is a key strategic advantage to consider.

However, CC Pharming isn’t the only company that brings something of value to this partnership. In fact, IBIO is a key player here. You see, iBio owns the FastPharming Facility. Built with funds provided by the United States Government, the FastPharming Facility was developed to produce mass quantities of vaccines quickly in times of an epidemic or pandemic. So, the company is uniquely equipped to become a key player in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing.

This goes even a bit furhter. Think about it, even if the partnership with CC Pharming doesn’t yield a vaccine, iBio is in a good position. After all, with the FastPharming Facility, the company will be a prime choice for manufacturing partnerships with those that do develop a viable vaccine first.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. COVID-19 is a very real issue. The virus is shutting down schools across the United States, putting public events on hold, and even leading to the closure of stores across the country. As the virus continues to spread, demand for a viable vaccine is only growing.

Considering the severity of the issue, a vaccine or treatment could prove to be incredibly valuable. Given the several competitive advantages that IBIO and CC Pharming have here, they are leading the charge in the space. As such, I do believe that if positive news were released surrounding the work that these companies are doing to fight the spread of COVID-19, IBIO could become a $10 stock.

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