iBio (IBIO) Stock Has The Potential To See Serious Gains Ahead

iBio IBIO Stock News

iBio Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) is heading up in the premarket hours this morning, trading on early gains of around 5%. It’s hard to imagine that the stock, now trading around $2.00 per share, was trading at just $0.30 per share early this year.

The big question now is, “Can these gains continue?”

In my view, the excitement surrounding IBIO is far from over. With the company’s aggressive plans coming to fruition, and the potential for the company to be a cornerstone in the COVID-19 vaccine market, this stock is one to watch closely. Here’s how I see it:

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A Look At IBIO Stock

For those who haven’t been following the stock, here’s a quick rundown on why investors are so excited about iBio stock. The company is known for work it is doing in the world of vaccine production and manufacturing.

In fact, when the coronavirus pandemic started, IBIO was one of the first companies to announce that it was working on a vaccine for the virus. The company said that it teamed up with a Chinese vaccines company known as CC-Pharming to produce its vaccine candidate.

This was an important partnership. Afterall, CC-Pharming has worked on vaccines for SARS, a sister virus to the coronavirus, giving the team a leg up on the competition. However, that’s not their only competitive advantage.

In fact, IBIO is the owner of the FastPharming Facility. The Facility was commissioned through government funding as a way to fight pandemic outbreaks. The goal of the Facility was to be able to quickly develop vaccines and other therapeutic agents.

Because of the FastPharming Facility, should iBio’s vaccine candidate be successful, the company will have the ability to produce it faster than just about any other competitor on the playing field. That’s a key competitive advantage.

Moving forward, iBio later announced that it was working on a second coronavirus vaccine candidate. So, we’re talking about a company that has two vaccines under development, and the ability to manufacture its vaccine faster than just about anyone else in the market.

That, in and of itself is hard to ignore.

Nonetheless, most recently, the company announced an important accolade. IBM Watson Health chose the company as one of just a few that would receive access to its clinical development solutions free of charge.

That’s an important play. After all, IBM Clinical Development is a suite of technology that will help to speed up the process of testing vaccines at IBIO, while ensuring that data is as clean as possible.

That’s not the only accolade the company has gotten as of late. In fact, the company recently announced that it will be included in the Russell 2000 and Russell 3000, only expanding investor awareness and interest in the stock.

The Bottom Line

While the COVID-19 pandemic is a scary one, the bottom line here is simple. IBIO is making the right moves at the right time. The company is well in the race to develop a vaccine for the virus.

Moreover iBio is one of very few that already has manufacturing pinned down. In it’s case, this manufacturing will be overwhelmingly fast should the vaccine be approved, thanks to its FastPharming Facility.

With recent accolades only serving to validate the company’s work, it’s becoming increasingly clear that IBIO should be on your watchlist.

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