iBio (IBIO) Stock Has The Potential To Explode Very Soon

iBio IBIO Stock News

The Ibio Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) bloodshed continues in the market with declines around 20% so far today. A few days ago, I predicted that we’d start to see some profit taking in the stock. It only made sense. With more than 900% gains, both, savvy retail investors and institutional players would want to take out their earnings.

UPDATE – IBIO republishes press release announcing partnership with CC Pharming surrounding coronavirus. Continue reading. My opinion that explosive movement is coming has not changed!

However, looking at what’s going on in the stock today, I have to say that I believe that profit taking is nearly over. Either today or tomorrow will likely be the last day in the declines before IBIO starts making its way back up. Here’s why I say that:

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What We’ve Seen From IBIO

Recently, iBio announced that it had entered into an agreement with CC Pharming and would be working to produce a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus. CC Pharming already has experience in creating vaccines for related viruses. At the same time, IBIO has the FastPharming Facility, which gives it the ability to produce vaccines incredibly quickly.

Considering the continued threat of COVID-19, investors jumped in head first and the stock rocketed. The strategic advantages here were hard to ignore, pushing the stock up nine-fold.

Then, institutional and retail investors alike started taking profits, sending the stock tumbling. In fact, since the profit taking started, the stock has fallen by more than 50%. Now, I want you to think of one key fact.

IBIO hasn’t issued any news since the announcement that started it all. There have been no seriously dilutive fund raises, no issues at the FastFarming Facility, no issues with CC Pharming. The move here is 100% profit taking.

This is how the rich get richer my friends. They know when to buy in, when to sell, and when to buy back in when the story is great.

What we have when we look at IBIO is a great story. A company with serious competitive advantages in the vaccination of the coronavirus. In fact, whether the company develops the vaccine or not, it is going to be a highly-likely candidate for manufacturing as it has the ability to manufacture vaccines faster than just about anyone out there.

The bottom line here is that if there ever was a stock to buy back into after taking profits and following the dip, this is the one. Here’s the deal:

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The entire medical community seems to be working to fight the spread of the virus. Those who develop a vaccine or treatment, and/or have the ability to produce that vaccine or treatment quickly, are going to have amazing revenue opportunities here. IBIO is on both sides of that fence!

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10 thoughts on “iBio (IBIO) Stock Has The Potential To Explode Very Soon”

  1. Im not so sure. Inovio just announced vaccine trials in april sooo I wouldnt hold to some of these stocks much longer.

    1. Over 20 companies have announced coronavirus vaccine trials. Point point of the article is IBIO is the only one who can mass produce them when it comes time to. If IBIO comes up with the first proven vaccine that is just the icing on the cake.

  2. I guess you forget the fact that brokers were offline at the beginning of the week. And regulations squeezing the retail investors year after year doesn’t help the facts.

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