iBio (IBIO) Stock Could See Dramatic Gains Today!

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iBio Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) has been one of my favorite stocks to watch over the past several trading sessions. The stock has been on a meteoric rise after announcing that it is working with CC Pharming to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Today the stock is up more than 20%, following up on yet another day of more than 20% gains yesterday.

Nonetheless, if you think that you’ve missed the boat, think again! With the Annual Meeting of Stockholders taking place at 9:30 this morning, the stock is likely to see dramatic gains ahead. Here’s why:

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IBIO Stock May Skyrocket Today

As mentioned above, I’ve enjoyed following iBio lately. After all, it’s not often that we see such tremendous rises in value over such short periods of time.

For those of you who haven’t been following, the rise in value has been related to the company’s partnership with CC Pharming to develop a coronavirus vaccine as well as its strategic advantages in manufacturing with its FastPharming Facility.

Nonetheless, the gains are likely far from over. In fact, I believe that we’re going to see strong movement in the value of the stock today, above and beyond the 20% it is already up. That’s because investors have been awaiting news with regard to the company’s work in coronavirus, and that news is likely to be announced at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

At the end of the day, all IBIO needs to do in order to see a dramatic rise in value is provide any information with regard to progress in developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Should this happen, we’re going to see a buying frenzy.

The next level of resistance sits at about $3 per share. Should the stock get there, it will be nearing on 40% gains today. However, there’s a strong chance that if the update is positive enough, IBIO will break through this barrier, and from there, the sky is the limit.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. iBio has seen a tremendous run in value so far, but we haven’t seen the end of it! While I’ve seen several naysayers post about the fact that there are several players in the race to create a vaccine, what they don’t seem to understand is that most that have announced work to develop a vaccine have nothing of substance. That’s not the case here.

CC Pharming, the partner chosen by IBIO, has experience in developing a vaccine for the SARS-coronavirus, a cousin virus of the Wuhan coronavirus. It is believed that this technology can be used to vaccinate against COVID-19 as well. Moreover, with the FastPharming Facility at iBio, the company has the ability to manufacture vaccines faster than just about anyone else.

All told, IBIO is a key player in the coronavirus space, and due to its strategic advantages, will likely continue to be. Any update surrounding its work to fight the virus will likely send this stock soaring.

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