iBio (IBIO) Stock Continues Skyward: More Gains Ahead

iBio IBIO Stock News

iBio (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) is headed for the top in the market yet again today, up more than 13% before the opening bell. While the company has not released any news today, there’s good reason for the excitement. Here’s what’s going on:

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IBIO Stock Soars With Competitive Advantages In Coronavirus Vaccine

As mentioned above, iBio is making a run for the top, trading on early gains of more than 13%. While the company hasn’t issued any news today, the excitement is stemming from the company’s plans to move forward with the creation of a coronavirus vaccine, and investors know that there are competitive advantages here.

In the effort to develop coronavirus vaccine candidates, IBIO teamed up with a Chinese company by the name of CC Pharming, edging out its first competitive advantage. CC Pharming is in China, where the coronavirus breakout is spreading quickly, so the partnership gives the company the advantage of easy access to the Chinese population.

Moreover, CC Pharming brings with it another competitive advantage. The company has already done work to develop a vaccine for MERS-coronavirus, a cousin strain of the current strain that may lead to a pandemic. Considering this, not only did IBIO find a partner that offers a demographic competitive advantage, the company brings the competitive advantage of experience working on similar jvaccines.

Not all of the competitive advantages here come from CC Pharming. In fact, years back, iBio worked with the United States Department of Defense to develop the FastPharming manufacturing facility. The state of the art facility gives the company the ability to quickly manufacture vaccines. So, once one is developed, the company will be able to bring it to the masses very quickly.

Why All Of This Is Important

The reality is that the coronavirus is quickly growing to pandemic proportions. As such, the companies that work quickly to develop and distribute vaccines, will benefit in the long run here.

With the competitive advantages that IBIO has here, not only does it have the potential ability to develop a vaccine quickly with the help of CC Pharming, it has the ability to quickly manufacture mass amounts of the vaccine. Moreover, due to the relationship with CC Pharming, there will be no delays getting the vaccine to the Chinese people once developed.

All in all, the company not only has the right tools, but the right partner to lead the charge in the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus.

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