iBio (IBIO) Stock: Any Update Can Send This Soaring!

iBio IBIO Stock News

iBio Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: IBIO) recently enjoyed a dramatic run for the top. After announcing that it is working on a coronavirus vaccine, the stock flew on gains of around 900% in just a few trading sessions. However, since the dramatic run, the stock has started to give back some gains.

With recent declines, many are wondering if the play is over. However, in my view, it has just begun. With several catalysts likely ahead, any update could send the stock toward the top. Here’s what’s happening:

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IBIO Stock Is Waiting To Explode

For those of you who haven’t been following the story, iBio is a prime player in the coronavirus space. As mentioned above, after announcing a partnership with CC Pharming to produce a vaccine for the virus, the stock saw dramatic gains. While profit taking has hit the stock hard in the most recent sessions, there are more gains likely ahead.

Before we get into the catalysts that are coming, it’s important that you understand the strategic advantages that the company has in the coronavirus space. First and foremost, the company’s partner, CC Pharming has already developed a vaccine for the SARS-coronavirus, a sister virus to COVID-19. This experience is likely to come in handy.

Moreover, IBIO is the owner of the FastPharming Facility. The facility was developed under government funding to produce mass quantities of vaccines in the midst of viral epidemics. As such, the company has the ability to produce vaccines in mass quantities faster than most other facilities. So, even if the company isn’t the first to develop a vaccine, it will likely play a role in manufacturing.

With that said, any news surrounding the company’s work in the coronavirus space has the potential to lead to dramatic movement upward. So, what news can we look forward to?

Catalysts That Could Send The Stock Soaring

Moving forward, investors have quite a bit to look forward to with regard to IBIO. First and foremost, the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine is on. Investors have been all over message boards, reaching out for an update surrounding the company’s potential vaccine. If an update is released, the stock would likely skyrocket.

Furthermore, even if the company doesn’t produce its own vaccine, there is a strong chance that we will hear about a manufacturing partnership relatively soon. While just about every biotech out there is working on a vaccine, most simply don’t have the capability of quickly manufacturing on a large scale. That’s where iBio comes in. As a result of their FastPharming Facility, I’m expecting that we will hear about potential manufacturing partnerships ahead.

Finally, funding is up for grabs. Let’s not forget that the United States recently passed a bill that will provide up to $7.8 billion in funding to fight the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Considering the several competitive advantages that the IBIO/CC Pharming team brings to the table, IBIO is a likely candidate to receive a share of this funding. So, watch out for a funding announcement as this would likely push the stock on a dramatic run as well.

Final Thoughts

With several competitive advantages in the coronavirus space, and multiple catalysts likely ahead, investors should be paying very close attention to IBIO. After all, at any time, news can break and this thing can grow wings!

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