Hepion Pharmaceuticals (HEPA) Stock Climbs On Data

Hepion Pharmaceuticals HEPA Stock News

CRV431 Could Take The Market By Storm

As mentioned early, it would be foolish to think that one product will take 100% of a market’s share. Nonetheless, when it comes to CRV431, it could take a large portion of the market pretty quickly.

With no FDA approved therapies for NASH, if CRV431 made it through development and to commercialization, the drug would be the only option for doctors to provide to their patients. Considering this, sales would likely immediately ramp as soon as the drug hit the market.

Again, this is likely a long way off. Remember, we are only in animal studies as of yet. However, as we move into human studies, it will be interesting to see how similar the results are. Should they continue to be this positive, and the drug hit the market, it could be the goose that lays the golden eggs for HEPA and its investors.

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