Guardion Health Sciences (GHSI) Stock Continues Skyward

Guardion Health Sciences GHSI Stock News

Guardion Health Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GHSI) is making a run for the top in the market, following up on the gains that we’ve seen on the stock as of late. The gains are for good reason too. The company recently announced a product launch and an acquisition of revenue generating products.

While no news was released this morning, residual excitement from the recent releases has the stock trading up nearly 9% early on. Here’s what’s happening:

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Why Investors Are So Excited About GHSI Stock

There are a couple of very good reasons that Guardion Health Sciences stock is climbing on strong volume. The first of these reasons came just a few sessions ago, when the company announced that it had completed the R&D for the CSV-2000 tool.

CSV-2000 is a standardized contrast sensitivity test. Importantly, the CSV-1000 test, offered by the company has become the industry standard, putting off the same lighting that the FDA requires in clinical trials associated with contrast sensitivity.

This may not seem like big news, but it really is. The truth of the matter is that the company’s CSV-1000 test is already featured in thousands of facilities across 60 different states.

GHSI investors can expect that these same customers would have an interest in the CSV-2000 test, as it is the first computerized system of its kind. So, what the company announced is that it has an improvement to the industry standard to offer, and that revenue is likely to see substantial gains!

As if the CSV-2000 product launch news wasn’t positive enough, the company issued more news just a couple of sessions ago. In this update, GHSI announced that it had aquired certain assets from NutriGuard Research.

With more than 3 decades in operation, NutriGuard offers a long list of dietary supplements and other products geared toward a healthy lifestyle. The brand is sold around the world, and generates meaningful revenue.

As such, with the acquisition of NutriGuard assets, Guardion Health Sciences now has yet another line of products to generate revenue growth with.

When the two pieces of news are put together, we see an important story from GHSI. The story surrounds revenue growth. Moving forward, with an updated version of an industry standard piece of equipment hitting the market, and an already recognized line of products now owned to generate more revenue, growth is going to be the likely result for GHSI ahead.

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