Guardion Health (GHSI) Stock Bounces Back

Guardion Health Sciences GHSI Stock News

Guardion Health Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GHSI) is bouncing back from declines experienced yesterday. On Wednesday, the comapny announced the launch of the CSV-2000 instrument, leading to dramatic gains. However, profit taking hit the stock yesterday, causing some to be concerned. Nonetheless, the stock is bouncing back today, trading on gains of well over 10%.

In my view, GHSI stock has the potential to see substantial gains ahead. Here’s why:

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Understanding What CSV-2000 Means For GHSI Stock

Before we get into what CSV-2000 means for Guardion Health, lets step back a bit and look at the CSV-1000 instrument. Today, this instrument has become the standard, recognized as a world-leader for standardized contrast sensitivity, ETDRs and glare testing.

The system takes advantage of patented technology, allowing it to auto-calibrate circuitry for standard and consistent test conditions, controlling test lighting to a level of 85 cd/m2. This is the lighting that is recommended for vision testing by the National Academy of Science and that has been adopted by the FDA as a requirement for testing in clinical trials.

Today, the CSV-1000 is used in eye clinics in more than 60 countries, and has been the cornerstone of the market for several years.

With that in mind, think about just how many units of the CSV-1000 are being used today. GHSI has had incredible penetration in the past, and is likely to see the same ahead.

Diving Into The CSV-2000

In a press release issued Wednesday, GHSI announced the completion of the development of its CSV-2000 standardized contrast sensitivity test, with plans to commercially launch the product in play.

So, what’s different? The CSV-2000 is the only computer-generated vision testing instrument on the market today. This will provide the marketplace with the comapny’s proprietary, industry-standard sensitivity test, as well as a full suite of standard vision testing protocols.

Taking advantage of patented AcQviz technology, the system automatically measures and adjusts screen luminance to a fixed standard light level for vision testing.

When it comes to vision testing, accuracy and consistency are key. Michael Favis, CEO at GHSI recently said that the new product “represents a paradigm shifit” in vision testing, and I happen to agree as it is the only computer generated instrument in the space today.

Considering the likely demand for this instrument across the 60 countries and practices within those countries that Guardion Health already serves, this could be a game changer for GHSI stock!

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