Galaxy Next Generation (GAXY) Stock: This Partnership Changes the Game

Galaxy Next Generation GAXY Stock News

Galaxy Next Generation Inc (OTCMKTS: GAXY) has been exciting to watch over the past week and I’m expecting that as soon as the opening bell rings this morning, we’re going to see dramatic gains on the stock. That’s because the company announced a partnership that will change the game. Here’s what’s going on.

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GAXY Stock to Pop on Stand4Kind Partnership

As mentioned above, Galaxy Next Generation announced a new partnership early this morning. In the press release, the company announced that it has partnered with Stand4Kind.

Stand4Kind is a provider of a way to replace negativity with positivity. The idea behind the service is to bring kind actions and feelings into schools around the globe.

In the release, GAXY explained that Stand4Kind offers a comprehensive set of programs, training, and tools that are designed to make an impact in school culture. Ultimately, the company’s services give schools a way to improve mental health and suicide awareness in schools. Moreover, the company’s platform helps schools to reduce bollying by working through a Utah-based non-profit known as the Anti-Bullying Coalition.

Moreover, Stand4Kind offers prevention training, curriculum certifications, and assemblies and grant writing direction.

As part of the partnership, GAXY said that it will preload introductory materials on its interactive panels. This will provide a conduit to increase revenue while providing world-class safety awareness in schools. In a statement, Gary LeCroy, CEO at GAXY, had the following to offer:
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The partnership as a way to empower the students in our G2 classrooms and drive an additional revenue stream to the company if the lessons and activities are ‘activated’ and purchased through the app that is preloaded. We will be including the app on all of our interactive panels starting in January 2021.

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This News Is Huge

The news released by Galaxy Next Generation this morning is massive. Recently, the company has been executing well, turning its revenue backlog into realized revenue and setting the stage for exciting growth as we move forward. Today’s announcement serves to exacerbate that growth potential.

Through the partnership with Stand4Kind, GAXY isn’t just providing a new set of tools to the educational system as a whole, it’s opening the door to yet another strong revenue stream, diversifying the opportunity for all involved.

Ultimately, today’s move makes the comapny more valuable from both, an investor, and a social perspective. All in all, GAXY stock is one to watch cloesely.

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