FuelCell Energy (FCEL) Stock: The Excitement Continues

FuelCell Energy FCEL Stock News

Moreover, this cash gives the company the ability to start working on important projects within its backlog, offering the opportunity to generate meaningful revenue and setting the stage for strong growth ahead.

Moreover, the agreement with ExxonMobil is no little deal. Not only does the agreement have the potential to drive an additional $60 million through the doors at FCEL, it is largely a research and development agreement with the goal of bringing carbon capture technology to new levels.

As an integral part of this R&D, FuelCell is essentially being paid to develop technologies that have the potential to earn it more contracts and create more revenue opportunities ahead. All in all, the agreement is some of the biggest news that we’ve seen from FCEL to date.

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3 thoughts on “FuelCell Energy (FCEL) Stock: The Excitement Continues”

  1. This is paid propaganda half-truth the restructuring Finance deal is a nightmare why don’t you add that in there I think people who would be interested in buying the stock should know that part also listen telling half-truth is not telling the truth

    1. No half truths nor is the article paid for. Any time we accept payment for publication, that is disclosed on the article itself. Thank you for your concern.

  2. Nicholas D'Alessandro

    How is securing the financing to the tune on 200 million a “nightmare”???! and I fail to see how a huge deal with one on the BIG BOYS EXXON somehow bad for any fledgeling company??!!
    FCEL can do one thing that no other company can do as of yet, they can reduce CO2 emissions by 90% from power plant operations. Not only that, but they can easily monetize this by creating electricity, too!
    Today, the world is clamoring over the climate changes CO2 is causing. FCEL could save the entire power industry and the world literally.

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