FuelCell Energy (FCEL) Stock Could Go Far Higher!

FuelCell Energy FCEL Stock News

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ: FCEL) has had a strong run in the market as of late. Fuelled by a recent the development and launch of new extended-life stocks, increasing demand in renewables, regaining compliance and success in the microgrid space, the stock is running, and continues to do so today!

While many may think that the run is nearing its end, in my view, it’s just begun. Here’s why:

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FCEL Exctended-Life Stacks Are A Big Deal

At the beginning of the current run, you’ll find news of extended-life stocks. FuelCell has innovated new stacks with a 7-year lifespan, rather than the current availability of 5-year stacks.

Over the life of the new stacks from FCEL, about 40% more power is generated, not only reducing the maintenance costs associated with a shorter-lifespan, but redusing the overall cost of power generation. That’s great for the bottom line of utilities that are interested in moving to fuell cell technology.

Demand For Fuel Cell Technology Is Growing

This is taking place at an important time too. Demand for fuel cell technology is climbing, and support is mounting, we can see that from recent stories around the web:

  • Santa Clara Superior Court Shoots Down Ban On Fuel Cell – The Santa Clara County Superior Court recently shot down an ordinance passed last summer in Santa Clara city that banned the use of fuel cells. This decision shows that support for fuel cell technology is climbing!
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles – Honda and Isuzu recently announced that they have joined forces to build a fuel cell-driven commercial truck. Not to mention that Daimler is close to developing a fuel cell bus.
  • Push For Global Energy Reform – Around the world we’re seeing a big push to change the global energy production from traditional to renewable.  As this push continues, demand for fuel cell and other renewable technologies will likely continue to climb.

Of course, as the demand for fuel cells grows, FCEL is in a strong position to take advantage. The ability to provide extended-life stacks, decreasing the cost associated with using fuel cell technology gives the company a massive competitive advnatage.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. FuelCell is making waves in its industry, and the industry is growing rapidly. As the world continues to focus on improving environmental health, demand is only likely to continue climbing, and with FCEL offering one of the best options on the market, there’s no reason that the company shouldn’t benefit! All in all, this is a stock to watch closely.

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