DPW Holdings (DPW) Stock Keeps Flying: More Gains Ahead

DPW Holdings DPW Stock News

DPW Holdings Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: DPW) is screaming for the top early on in today’s trading session, following up on the strong gains that we’ve seen out of the stock as of late. There’s good reason for all the excitement in the stock, and it all has to do with the company’s subsidiary, Coolisys Technologies. Here’s what’s happening:

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DPW Is an EV Play in an EV Market

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DPW Holdings is most widely known for its activities in the cryptocurrency space. Considering concerns surrounding what stimulus and months of economic hardship for many will do to fiat currency, crypto has been flying. However, the big story surrounding the company isn’t anything to do with crypto.

The big story is coming out of the DPW subsidiary, Coolisys Technologies.

Yesterday, the comapny said that it would be launching a network of ACECool electric vehicle chargers. The idea is to tap into fast food and other franchise owners in order to place these ACECool chargers in parking lots on a revenue share model.

Essentially, the franchise owner agrees to install an ACECool electric vehicle charger and will share in revenue from both advertising and charing activities as a result. It’s a win/win.

That’s great news for DPW.

Think about it. Our next President is going to be Joe Biden, a man who has been clearn with regard to his views toward the environmental impact of greenhouse gasses, and the need for legislation that will lead to a reversal of the environmental damage the burning of fossil fuels has caused.

With Biden coming into office as the next President of the United States, we’re likely to see major perks to electric vehicle ownership, including tax rebates that offset the cost of purchasing a new electric vehicle. Moreover, the Biden Administration will have a serious interest in building the infrastructure that allows for the wide-spread use of electric vehicles.

That’s where DPW comes in.

After all, you can’t use an electric vehicle if you can’t charge one and Coolisys Technologies is launching a charging station network. If all goes well, as I expect it will, this network will quickly grow across the United States, further facilitating ownership of electric vehicles for consumers and creating an opportunity to dominate the EV charging market.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that DPW Holding’s announcement yesterday was a massive one. At the end of the day, Joe Biden has a major challenge ahead of him. Nearly a third of the greenhouse gasses produced by the United States come from transportation. So, Biden will need to push consumers and manufacturers to go green.

With DPW announcing that its subsidiary is launching an EV charging network, the company may quickly become the cornerstone in infrastructure that allows for the widespread use of electric vehicles. That’s exciting news for the company and its investors, making DPW stock one to watch closely.

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