Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (DFFN) Heads Up On COVID-19 IND News

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals DFFN Stock News

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: DFFN) is running for the top in the market this morning, trading on gains of more than 35% early on. The gains come after the company announced a pre-IND submission to the FDA surrounding a potential treatment for severe symptoms of COVID-19. Here’s what’s going on:

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DFFN Announces Submission Of Pre-IND

In the release, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals said that it has submitted a pre-IND to the FDA. The pre-IND surrounds the company’s trans sodium crocetinate, or TSC. It is believed that the treatment may be able to help patients displaying the most severe respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 with low oxygen levels.

Importantly, the FDA usually has up to 60 days to hold an advisory meeting with DFFN. However, for COVID-19 related submissions, the FDA said that it intends on significantly shortening this period.

As a result of the fast track that the Coronavirus Treatment Accelerated Program puts this IND on, the company is already preparing for the beginning of clinical trials as it awaits the FDA’s response.

In the release, the company reminded investors that the development of TSC as a potential COVID-19 treatment is a collaborative effort. The company is working with the University of Virgina Health System and the Integrated Translational Research Institute of Virginia to develop the treatment.

In a statement, David Kalergis, CEO at DFFN, had the following to offer:

We believe TSC’s novel oxygen-enhancing mechanism could have a direct effect on the systemic hypoxemia in COVID-19 patients, altering the downward spiral of disease progression and decreasing the necessity for ARDs-related admissions to the ICU. We are committed to working with hospitals and regulatory authorities both in the U.S. and Eastern Europe to forge the fastest possible pathway to TSC’s approval, consistent with good clinical practices.

This News Is HUGE!

Moving its potential treatment into clinical trials is big news. Let’s face it, while some believe that COVID-19 is starting to plateau, the truth of the matter is that we all know that there is still a very real crisis here.

In order to get this pandemic under control, the medical community needs to develop vaccines and treatments to keep the condition at bay. That’s where Diffusion Pharmaceuticals comes in.

The company’s TSC drug may have a positive effect in patients that are struggling with ARDS and ARDS-like symptoms associated with COVID-19. Should this be the case, the company will likely be met with strong demand, generating a strong opportunity for investors in DFFN stock down the road.

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